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2022-10-12 - 9:06 a.m.

This experience this AM just makes me cry.
Honestly I cry so rarely it feels unusual to feel absolutely defeated and overwealmed.

VEC got to even me.
The fact the site did not work but then when I tried to file the weekly claim via phone I got the message:
"You are not eligible to file a weekly claim."
Or some such maybe "you have not eligible weekly claims to be filed"

they are not allowing me to log into the system OR to call in a claim.

Like the dumb stupid last determination of not being eligbile for one week kicked me out

OR the actual net108 needed
I swear a freaking small that I drew ( that I pulled cash from a 401 K at cost of the ridiculous tax)- resulted in me being bumped as True I DID NOT send the paperwork on that disbursement.

That could be fucking it.
If you miss ONE hoop do they freaking stop your account??

What the hell.

It may have had a due date of 30 days ( likely)

I am irritated as on the last call I got the prompt "Did you receive any payment from a retirement fund" and answered YES
but the system was not waiting long enough for me to add detail and I got bumped.

I could not get back in since.
I never even REPORTED The amount of my second withdrawal

I withdrew $2000 per tax LAST Month.

I EXPECTED to receive unemployment insurance and be able to pay my mortagage THIS MONTH
Cause in the aggregate it would cover what I need

BUT when could not get through I went to pull out of the 401 K. My one account settles quickly.
I realize I have no way to pull QUICKLY from the other accounts. I don't know how to do that ... that requires calling former employers I think? I don't see a SELF SERVE Option
only the self serve option on the one I put the 4K in (one IRA) into an account with trading capability turned on.
So the fastest thing to do to ensure cash to pay mortgage by 15th is liquidate that-

there is only $2500 left.

I may have to liquidate that whole damn thing.

And then it is considered INCOME so I get BUMPED from eligibily of benefits likely

and then NEXT MONTH if have no fucking job offer do the same? start on ANOTHER 401 K to pull from?

I mean ALL THe finanaial advisement is DO NOT PULL FROM retirement funds

but what the fuck else can I do?

I would take a low wage job gap fill BUT NOT IN MY FIELD
so I ahve applied for local jobs.
I applied for a full time receptionist job at local company in town (as an example).

I could always walk into Giant again and take a REALLY Low wage job.
But then I don't have time to job hunt for my professional career or build my own business and gain clients.

Just disappointed as

OK Service Person told me Their system not working
They can't pull my info now
Essentially call back

She at least did ask When the last week I filed a claim was.

I said I think it bumped me the past two-
tried for week ending 24th of Sept and first weeks of Oct

she said if the last time I filed WAS the week ending 17th that would be why closed file.
Have to file within 21 days.


Well I have to go to my commitment now and then will tackle seeing about pulling from 401 K again which just SUCKS to have to do.
Clearly not getting any money from VEC before the 15th.

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