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2022-10-19 - 3:06 p.m.

OK not done eavesdropping- but God Bless these folks working at VEC who are documenting all the feedback and items that were discussed.
They are escalating all the concerns of the user experience the Mayor had
and he found it to be really USER unfriendly.
ANd these good folks are DOCUMENTING
Creating a report
and escalating it
and trying to legit get ACTION to fix the issue.

Thank you Is the last thing I have to say in response to their work. (But of course I am not speaking a peep to them as write here. I am legit job hunting. Going back to the application in progress..
the good job worth applying to is to a company I already submitted my resume to at least three or four times over the years.
BUT HECK they are a 20 min commute! Have to apply for this one again.

Funny the same damn company that my friend the facilities manager KNEW was hiring in that space
the gal who ART Would not fucking reach out to in his fucking mysogony as he could not humble himself to think he could learn or get help from a GIRL in her 30s...
younger than him

who was also really openly supportive of the LGBTQ community on her social media AND he LINKED IN Profiles!

I loved working with that gal years ago.

She rocked her job.
Some people are just not open to growth and to doing the work to end up where they aspire to be.
I thought of ART today as he never even could put in the effort to apply for unemploymetn insurance.
So sure he is a good case example of the kind of folks WITHOUT skills who the process needs to be simpler for.

His resistance was to mask his inabilty
his challenges
his lack of undertanding and patience
and his lack of abilty to ask for help

It was clear executive functioning issues
masked by pride
and pretending capable moreso than he was in some areas
but then also impacted my mentall wellness issues- depression etc...
that made him UNABLE to do thing HE DID Have skill to succeed at if tried

But his freaking pride got in the way too.
He did not TRY.
He just gave up.

I had no patience for that after a point. I can't be around that.
Back to my grind..
nothing comes without consistent effort and work.
EACH Step matters so keep on taking even the small ones toward your goals.

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