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2022-10-21 - 12:53 p.m.

Pleased that I got through to the VEC system without being bumped. Was able to update my direct deposit info ( interesteingly that was the FIRST data points they asked for when identify self! I think this is likely as that was the data point messed up that got hacked! So seems to me VEC needed to clean up THAT and get it RIGHT for each account before reactivating the accounts compromised!)

This is my theory anyway. They finally seemed to have recongigured the phone system to identify user and then get the germaine needed info to restore accounts that were blocked due to being compromised.

My theory is:
a) not all the VEC customer service folks KNEW how to reactivate a user- ( As my thory is there was some relatively NEW process chance since the July hack and you know there IS A learning curve for new things! Sometimes it take a couple tries to "Get it" I UNDERSTAND this so have infinate patience for the good workers trying their best. I give them credit for their kind and patient demeanor. Someone is doing SOMETHING right in that dept to keep the MORALE up of their employees who sound remarkably cheerful considering so many folks MUST be angry and upset and literally at wits end by the time they call them and GET a real person!)
b) The process really did not yet exist-
as in there was nothing anyone COULD do until there was a designed process to fix the compromised accounts. Maybe they just enabled it today.

Because today I finally got through to the system without being bumped AND then got through to a person the system connected me to who had to take some action to unlock my account after she TOO verified my identity with a bunch of identifying dual factor authentication steps.

She said that my account has been reactivated and I can file the claims for the past few weeks.

OF course I got the Failed REcapta message when tried to log in so still did not succeed in filing the weekly claim. BUT at least I was recognized it seems and that we today's error. That seems like her efforts DID work and I am recognized as a user without the other messages. So will try to call to file the claims again.

I figured try ONE MORE TIME before taking the drive all the way to Winchester again. Cause after driving all over yesteday a bit tired this AM and my kid is here hanging with me. ( My roomie this week!)

I am listening to my kid play an interactive game on line. It is kinda interesting to hear. This is what my kid does for fun. It is interesting as players are clearly from all over the world. Some in UK, some in Japan... they are working on a trivia game where have to draw images. The prompt is to draw something about football so the cultural discussion of what is football itself was interesting. "What is American football?" someone just asked.

I can see why my kid likes this gaming to relax.

I ate lunch and got ready to go swimming but realized my shoulder still hurts. I will still go but will just take it easy! But wanted to wait a bit just in case I got some work in today ( which has not happened.) So going to go swimming and get some exercise today.

I just turned the heat on. I usually wait til Nov but it was 62 degrees in the house and not warming up today and I realized that the other two teens are still in bed likely as it is COLD when they wake up so they don't want to get out of bed!

That was the hint today best turn the heat on and warm the house up! College student tried to wake up the youngest in the house as last night they made a pudding pie with an oreo crust and they made a ganache topping for it together and the college roomie wanted to eat it WITH her sibling that she made it with.
The sleeper said "I had some already! Don't wake me up"
and we had to laugh as the kid DID NOT have any of that pie yet. We think the kid did not fully wake up but was talking in her sleep.
It was kinda funny to see.
I had already tried to wake the sleeping teen and then the college student when it ( not knowing I had been in a few minutes before); so both of us tried to wake up the deeply sleeping teen.

Telling you the deep sleep of these kids due to POTS is kinda remarkable to witness. Its like one will lie down and will only wake up 15 hrs later sometimes.

I think the body just NEEDS that excessive amount of sleep for some weird reason. I know cause have experienced this, Its like really can not FUNCTION until get the rest.
And sometimes it is these super long seemingly excessive time frames but weirdly that is what the person's body needs.

I have been there...
Back in the years when I had the diagnosis of sleep disorder.

I was hoping one of these kids might want to try to go swimming today. Its a nice day outside and the exercise is good for circulation- but so far no such luck as college student said no and the other kid STILL has not woken up.

So I will head out soon. I did enjoy a nice walk with Bellatrix and it is lovely out today.
Maybe when back can get into the VEC site and maybe there will be work for me as well.

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