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2022-10-19 - 2:40 p.m.

YEAH I got into the on line system for my car insurance to enable paperless billing and auto pay


Set up autopayment using the actual bank info from your CHECKING ACCOUNT

Don't set up using autopay through your BANK CARD
as there are SERVICE Fees with card payments
BUT for most bill pay -
autopay direct from a checking account are FREE.

So I don't have my check book and checking account with me
so can't fix that now but will log in when home.

I gave my card number but hell no I am not paying an extra $2 to $5 a month on each bill autopay! Its $2 a month installement fee when pay via debit card; $5 a month when pay by credit card
as compared to ZERO fees when pay direct from a checking or savings account. THis is consitent with my HOA fees; and water bill and electric bill too!

SO that is my budget tip of the day! Trust me take advise on how to save money from POOR PEOPLE as those who have been poor often DO know the ways to save a dollar or two here and there which add up!!

Some assume those WEALTHY have the best life hack money management tips.

True only once you start a business ! HA HA

But also only true if you are going to be unethical.. HA OK joking there but sadly there is some truth in that statement.
I swear there are liars in the world gaming the system


Every public service institution should pull data on that.
Compare fraud in social services to FRAUD of WHITE COLLAR CRIME IRS TAX EVASION

That would be just fasincating.

Or fraud of businessess created with INTENT of failure for a fucking tax write off.

I am just sickened at the recent news of the NEW WONDER WOMAN MOVIE NOT RELEASED

favorite quote-- sorta-- not verbatim
but from the Winchester Mayor
"I am not interested in politics... not joining this effort for political conversations but I want to get into the nitty gritty of working on the actual processes to actually make meaningful impact of improving things. I want to get into the sytems themselves, not talk about them."

YES! I like his effort and push.
He just left wearing his jeans and simple jacket as he really was trying to be under the radar to figure out how stuff works to trouble shoot.
But he did not lie when he had to give his name and get set up. It was freaking awesome to witness.

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