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2022-10-29 - 11:31 p.m.

Crap, I was asleep as went to bed early but got up just to go to the bathroom
and when flushed my toilet the pipe made the LOUDEST SOUND

high pitched


Earlier tonight my daughter said the other upstairs toilet was clogged and her sibling plunged but it was not clear. When I went to look at that it was not the issue of a clog at all but rather a water flow issue- there was weirdly not enough water coming into the toilet. I turned the valve a few times at the water intake line after looking at the internal flushing mechanism
and suddenly the water flowed

I was able to flush after that and also running the tap to fill a few bucketfull of water to fill the tank then flush- as it was still doing the same thing of not filling properly

AND The first sign of a problem preceded this yesterday-
AS yesterday when I took my bath there was a LEAK in the living room below my bathroom.

So that obviously has caused a water pressure problem

BUT I also noticed the past month or so- and was planning on getting a plumber; that the water seemed HOTTER. I had in fact checked that my water tank setting was where it should be
but thought the water suddenly seemed hotter than used to

I think unfortunately I should have had the plumber one month ago as this literally happened just a month ago- I mean it was in the first week my new tenant moved in. I wondered at first "Why did the water temp get hotter?" And even thought thought it would be a way weird thing for a tenant to do to adjust a setting on a water heater , did ask if she happened to do so
(I did not think likely and did read and consider the heater regulater valve may have stopped working properly).

As it really seemed to just be water a bit hotter I figured should have a plumber check it out- likely not emergency critical

and I kinda just filed it on My TO DO House ongoing regular maintenance to get checked as soon as possible ONCE GET A JOB

I did not think critical!
NOW I am thinking that regulator may not just be temp but ALSO related to water pressure and perhaps should have got the plumber a month ago.
I wonder if it is not just high temp but also high pressure

WHICH of course can cause pipe leaks-
wears out pipe seals etc faster.


I am grateful for the AHS Warranty for care of home. I have found them to be pretty good overall over the years. I had cancelled the policy at some point. I then tried Choice Home Warranty and they were awful. I cancelled them and picked up an AHS Policy again.

Grateful to have done so! Grateful I had the $100 in my account now to be able to put in a service request.

We did test out to see if the problem with the leak happened when someone used the other upstairs bathroom tub. Some time after my bath when my kid was sitting in the living room on the couch right under the ceiling where it started to leak-
The kids had one go in their bathroom and run water in their tub and the other stayed downstairs to watch. There was no sign of water leaking. One took a bath and that tub draining from their bathroom seems OK.

So we know it is from the pipe leading from my bathroom downstairs that is leaking.

Well... back to bed. I felt badly that the knocking noise was SO LOUD and the house literally shaking

SO it seemed like a pressure build up issue

Which sounded scary
and I imagined a relief valve possibly problem
and I imagined bursting from pressure-

knocked on the basement door and my tenant did not answer.
I felt badly entering the space-
but did go downstairs while this noisy thing was happening and initially just SHUT OFF THE Water line valve.

I came up and read a bit about noisy loud pipes and put in the request for service on line.

THEN did go back and turn the valve back on -
and it is quiet.

No further noise.

I was not sure what would happen when turn it back on! But it was the main line and we do need the water (if can have it on!)

and figure will just not use the upstairs toilets or water in my bathroom at all til the plumber comes.

I hope it did not disturb or freak my lovely tenant. I think she was either in her bedroom and sleeping or not home!

It freaked me out.

Happy this month ANOTHER family member was gracious to help us out! (The loan list is growing!) I talked to one of my brothers today who is mailing a check to help us out for the time being so can pay the bills this month.

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