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2022-11-24 - 10:54 a.m.

I hired an electrician who fixed an outlet

It worked

but now doesn't

I wanted that outlet to be functional for my tenant.

as thought that my $100 co pay was worth it for that one item fixed.

I had a fire in the basement a few years ago,
and afterwards I did invest in hiring an electrician to rewire my whole basement.

Cause I don't want another fire!
Wanted to be sure the wiring was safe.

I think there is some problem with the grounding wire

and the Ground Fault protection is shutting off the outlet

cause now there is a YELLOW light

So the Ground Fault interrupter tripped off the outlet

That's all I suspect ( don't know) My guess
and need electrician back to figure out how to fix

as the reset button is not working

This is interesting

Booleg jumers part most interesting as why the heck would anyone do that?,the%20center%20of%20the%20outlet.
I also found this:,the%20center%20of%20the%20outlet. But why is the outlet being tripped? What can prevent that? Also I thought I hit reset and that did not work BUT also What a pain if the use of an item is going to trip the outlet and it needs to be repeatedly re-set A load issue? the box I have not able to handle the amt of electricity being pulled? I need an electrician. BUT NOT YET Have to wait on figuing out the bigger issue a little bit unfortunately. Can't drop money into that bigger issue ( if not just one broken outlet that was a quick and simple enough and affordable fix). Bummer

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