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2022-11-25 - 7:43 p.m.

So weird my laptop disappeared.
I thought it was on one of two places:

1. On a small round table in my living room close to the door.

2. In my bedroom on my bed.

I have a distinct memory of intending to practice guitar and relax for about 30 min before going to work Thanksgiving Day. I have a distinct memory of getting set up for guitar practice and looking for it and unplugging it and putting the cord on top of it.

I was intending on using it when practicing ( I often do. It is a good way to read some music saved in a shared drive or watch a video of my guitar teacher recorded).

So I have this distinct memory of the laptop and it's cord stiiting on top of it.

But then thinking as my phone had a reminder 🤔 of work that popped up

Thinking "Oh crap...I work at 2 today not 2:30"

It felt like a weekend. Weekends the part time shift starts at 2:30

During the week it starts at 2pm!

( That confuses me sometimes! Random fact: they used to be 2pm shifts every day. Back when I started this job years ago I worked at the Giant Deli Sat AM and got off at 1:30pm and biked the hour to work to be there at 2:30. I could not make it by 2 but 2:30 was perfect! Time for the 40 to 45 or 50min bike ride and enough time to cool down, wash up quickly and change clothes after the sweaty bike ride! The weekend shift was changed to 2:30 and never shifted back.)

So then I rushed off to work ....

Ah. I found it! It was in my guitar case! I apparently brought it with me but not really conscientiously, more just cause rushing cause I swear I had thought I did not need to bring it!!

Whew....that was stressing me out.

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