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2022-12-05 - 7:14 p.m.

In good news I just signed a contract for my 2nd client! This is up to 10 hrs per week.
Again, not a lot of support needed at first.
I am glad took a break in middle of work to read email.
Signed that contract and then finished wrapping up review of the one sent to me to review and have delivered it.

YEAH- Two clients! Work slowly coming in : )

But a few hours here and there will add up if can consistently pick up more clients!

Very encouraged!

Especially as I am really impressed by this CEO.

The CEO of both companies I am supporting are both these remarkable people.

That is all I will ever say about either of the companies (other than the fun fact both are remote work supporting companies in states other than where I live. The work is DONE here in my home office and the company I started gets billed and then once profitable my company will send ME a check! So I will be paid by my consulting company set up and won't have funky tax complications from doing work in various states as *Technically and LEGALLY I am only doing work for my own Virginia Company!

Provided my payment comes timely for the work done last month; I am pleased as honestly about 25% of the way toward paying off my initial start up costs. Meaning I need to bring in 75% MORE work than thus far and I will then be profitable and get paid!

Ironic I hired my own kid for tech support , so thus far the only one PAID by my company was my one kid. HA HA
A $20 check.

It was motivating for the kid and hey it was real work. ( A tech support issue that was just a PIA and I was happy the kid made progress on it. Disappointed the kid did not FOLLOW THROUGH and FINISH The project! But I did not write a clear statement of work that stipulated the DELIEVERABLE included completion!! HA HA That is the risk of verbal agreement. If not clear that the person doesn't get paid til ALL milestones met... well you then have to pay for work done EVEN If the project is left unfinished. HA HA That is my contracting tip for the day when you hire any labor to do anything! BE SURE if they don't deliver you don't have to pay a person!!_I SHOULD have negotiated that the kid gets paid IF AND WHEN they actually SOLVE the problem. *BUT I was also truth be told happy for the help!
*The final step included CALLING TECH SUPPORT

and I just could not get my autistic kid to make a phone call or contact them by email.

BUT The kid did do research and I now have a MUCH Greater understanding of how to fix the issue and a clear path forward. I just have to bring it home now so to speak and do the final steps. (So it was worth the $20 as got further than would have in a shorter time. Its just something I kinda had on the back burner but looking at my company bank account and seeing the payment to kid today reminded me of that. So the TECH improvement project is now on tomorrow's TO DO!

Basically its config issue so my emails don't go to other's spam folder.

Important for business development.

And a simple thing is a PIA when have to go through a hosting service provider and they have a subcontractor handling email.

I hope to remain happy with the email provider I set up. Will see.
It was an affordable option and has the security I need and is meeting needs for now.

I can see the future: I will get new clients and THEN will ALSO land a W2 and will go from barely any work to hardley ever time off from working.

Life is funny like that..
But there is a time and season for everything.

So honestly at this point I am chill and just not caring about what happens at all regarding work. I kinda am at the point of "It is what it is" and what is meant to be will be.

The work will show up when its time...

And hey- today was a great day for this to occur as it is my day off after a run of working a few days in a row for the retirement community,

I have nothing on my schedule this week but volunteer work and business development engagements so a great week for work to come in!! (Oh one Dr. Appt! But the good news is those have lessened of late too! Ah reminds me that I do need to call again to schedule my own medical appt. It was on today's to do but did not get that far as the work came in.) The great thing is the Full Time role I had a decent first interview for today is remote too with one day once in a while in the office. Today was so nice! I made homemade chicken soup with Vietnamese wheat noodles- but I think have some egg in them. I had bought them at the international market and they remind me of the kind you get in Chinese restaurants for Lo Mein but have that egg noodle quality but are a deep yellow color and kinda like a thick spaghetti shape. The soup is delicious! The funny thing to me was that the stock was simmering on the stove and the 18 year old came down just around noon and I go into the kitchen and see she had put RAMEN in the microwave. Seriously- she made Ramen noodles but then did not want to use my hommade stock! It made me laugh, She said "I hate soup. I just want the noodles". So it was funny to me that she ate her Ramen while I strained my stock and threw out all the worn depleted veggie and chicken bones. I gave what I could to the dog, tossed the rest and added some canned chicken and fresh veggies and the noodles and this is the funny thing- the Chicken flavor packet from the Ramen ( she really wanted JUST the noodles!), and a bit of white wine and seasoning ( I love Bells Seasoning. Its such a great "cheater" spice blend for chicken dishes.) I had some celery and chopped red onion and of all things a big chunk of granny smith apple all together in one container. That makes no sense except I used all three in my Thanksgiving stuffing and just stored all three together figuring I would use them for some chicken dish in future. My Dad always threw apples and raisins in the homemade stuffing he made! I learned that from him- along with a bit of the sauteed chicken livers! I let the dog eat the chicken livers this year and nixed that ingredient. So I decided to go ahead and throw the remainder of the granny smith apple which was surprisingly still fresh, in the soup. It was delicious! So good I will eat if now for dinner, even though it is what I had at lunch today!

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