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2023-01-11 - 9:52 a.m.

I had a nice first interview.

This happens ALL THE TIME.

It is the THIRD interview that matters

AND if the role requires a clearance and I am in the final round with one other person already cleared

that are definite factors in the fact of NO OFFER yet.

After being up late I awoke early enough to work on the contract I am reviewing.

I was DEEP into it- in flow

when looked at the clock (Again Swear I felt like just checked it)
I have a pretty decent internal clock. Trouble is its actually ACCURATE. This is why alarms are good!

I was mindful of interview at 9:30.

AT 9:29 my concentration broke and I looked at the clock and was proud of my abilty to change from pjs to being dressed and presentable in one minute! (HA HA)

* This is why I USUALLY GET DRESSED and eat breakfast and walk the dog THEN WORK at the desk downstairs and DO NOT WORK IN PJS

BUT alas my office space is also a college student's bedroom today, College kid on break here through this week.

SO it was funny I get ready and then go to open my calendar thinking ZOOM and the PHONE RANG.

recruiter called!

So now for walk with dog.

I am relaxed as its 10 am and in flow with the contract reviewing and should be done with my work by noon. WHEW That just makes life easier for me.

LOVE working early actually. (EVEN When was up late the night before)

I can take an afternoon nap.

But having a deliverable on time (or early ) is gratifying.

And damn this is a GOOD CONTRACT
YEAH For great drafting!!

Sometimes I love large companies. They have the best contracts. Truly.

They don't need clean up as have been cleaned up already.

Just a few things to change to be more fair and not shift risk to the small guy working with them.

THAT IS much easier than bad construction and poor writing to have to tweak for clarity!

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