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2023-01-12 - 6:49 a.m.

In other news I paid my mortgage as soon as the funds were all available in one bank account.

I had been paying from my OTHER account as it was linked to the newish mortgage company account so it was easy. BUT this month I decided to set up a link in the OTHER bank account I have-
as that one uses mobile banking and it is convenient for me to use MOBILE Deposit and just scan the rent check my tenant gives me the minute she gives it to me!
THAT is pretty awesome.

I just scan and deposit.

I LOVE That feature on phones!

(I also love my big bro was one of the software developers of the very first bank kiosk programs to accept a scan of a check at an ATM for instant deposit! The mobile banking app capability is an extension, derivative really of that initial software allowing real time deposits in a bank. KUDOS to big bro!! HE did that work 20 years ago now but proud it is one of the freaking things that has made everyone's life easier!!!
I Guess we are getting old. He just had to job hunt and I observed it took a while for him to find something cause he does not have a Masters Degree. Younger folks are getting higher degrees in greater numbers and it makes it harder for older workers to be as competitive! On top of ageism some value the degree over experience ! OTHERS know they are equivalent

This is a problem I see in the job market everywhere. There is an ARTIFICAL shortage of workers because older capable folks are being PUSHED OUT


and job postings are asking for crazy credentials of education and disregarding experience

OR even if they don't there is a disconnect between a actual LCAT in the actual govt proposal or contract and the distilled info a HR recruiter gets

The HR person/recruiter is given the job posting in the clear concise bulleted distilled version

BUT NOT the LENGTHY and DETAILED PAGES that are ACTUALLY in the procurement or subsequent contract for the work that includes the actual position and the specifications of experience requirements.

The LCAT- Labor Category Requirements are typically in a gov contract not this short bulleted list

For example HR sees

Masters Degree
Oracle Database experience
8 years experience
JAVA language
Familiar with Rommana ALM

( A short clear list of skills)

The ACTUAL Procurement RFP and Contract will have for the SAME position

a FREAKING THREE PARAGRAPH Detailed description of the oracle experience in technical language
more detail with particulars defining JAVA and how to use the software- I mean in excruciating detail at times..
a chart SOMEWHERE ELSE in the contract- not where they name each resource, but typically hidden on a different page ( So no one but CONTRACT MANAGERS would know it exists in a often 100 plus pages contract) A CHART which shows the YEARS OF Experience with details of work done and skills applied that can be SUBSTITUTED for a Masters degree

So who can blame anyone for cutting through the excruciating detail of a federal contract or a commercial contract in the commercial sector seeking a services person of any sort to do work on a federal project who distilled the requirements down to a more palatable and TYPICALLY sufficient bulleted list?

BUT with the use of AI tech for initial screening ( computer systems are only as good as the info put in)

the more particular detail of experience in lieu of masters I THINK gets dropped

and using recruiters who are given the short simple bulleted list to look for


OLDER WORKERS ARE OUT OF FUCKing LUCK in being recruited

AND when they apply
it is often a middle man

or even an internal company HR PERSON

who may not even know that on the end contract that the CLIENT doesn't really REQUIRE A freaking Masters Degree

but is FINE with equivalent experience.

And FINE with an older knowledgeable worker

Like the one who freaking designed the ability for ATMS to process checks REAL TIME by taking an image and worked the code and worked the project and was able to create a literal paradigm shift in how we get that done with efficiency along with a team

JUST Venting

Cause I did see a perfect job posting for a data expert

My bro was the chief data scientist at some company at some point. He is a data modeling guru
Smart dude

without a Masters

And the company I MOST enjoyed supporting over the past 15 years

I mean HANDS DOWN the compnay i think most highly of

as the CEO is freaking AWESOME
and her whole team is AWESOME

and they have this ridiculously adept quality control process as well and focus on actual quality of work life balance and invest in employees with things like funky neuroscience based trainings.

OK the CEO drank this Koolaid

and I am all for it. I think there is such value in working for a company that looks wholistically at each person and the company as an organism as well and LOOKS AT The BIG PICTURE while including paying attention to actual employees.

SO I was delighted that I saw a great posting for a job my bro would rock

AND he thanked me and said they called him as well

BUT that he did not have a masters so it was a quick initial screening call.

So that means it was a hiring for a gov contract. They have the spot on their contract in support of a fed agency

AND The HR PERSON got the distilled bulleted requirements list.


I know he meets criteria.

The initial screening however ruled him out.

He landed his next position anyway.

I just think it was disappointing as he also had YEARS of service on some other freaking cool fed projects.

I mean he had a clearance and loved his work.

Then he went to visit my bro who lives overseas teaching English.

WHY did he carve out a life overseas?

YES you heard that right- surprise surprise... guess the gene runs in the fam and some of my kids have that non traditional Born that WAY Gene
(Although they identify QUEER and non binary... just not hetero)

And for my bro with a Catholic Deacon father and a judgmental mother I think it was just EASIER for him to live his life out of the closet elsewhere

AND he also had other things running away from... like when running an alternative newspaper ( meaning actually report on all the things mainstream media ignored at the time) in a very conservative South Carolina-- well it was not an easy road for him professionally after he quit a short stint at FOX NEWS
cause he just couldn't drink THAT Kool Aid! He couldn't do it...
so started his own paper.
For ACTUAL news interspersed with obnoxious rants

freaking cross between Howard Stern ( heavily influenced I think by listening to him on local radio when growing up) , The ONION STYLE but for REAL nonsensical crazy news- yes very sensationalist, I mean almost a mockery of news

YET Actual factual reporting.

I mean I think my bros philosophy was if you want to sensationalize just report the actual FACTS that are so freaking outlandish ALONG Side REAL NEWS that everyone else is ignoring
as it is about Dirty politics
shady dealings
power brokers etc. rather than outright lying or inventing news for sensationalism. There is a certain integrity in his work which is ridiculously kitchy.

I mean... well His apt did get set on fire.
He pissed of some of the wrong people with his snarky reporting of facts some did not like being reported

THEN he lost his shirt on a defamation lawsuit

Which was overturned part upon final appeal to State Supreme Ct as yeah they took the case as it is rather important to protect free speech

BUT despite part win on appeal

My youngest bro opted to carve out a career in the alternative media and shunned the mainstream as its critic

so when he needed work how the heck was he going to make a living here?
I mean he basically created this artist path in a way. The poet philosopher artist who has criticized the mainstream paradigm does often have a hard time finding a typical stable job after having spoken truth to power.

He was following values rather than money,
Seeking integrity
(and a job where he could drink and not have a boss mind)

Let's not forget his alcoholism a CLEAR factor in his work and life choices. NO mistake!!
While true it was about integrity of truth in news I am sure had he NOT been a drinker he may have had greater resiliency and ability to stay IN The system and fight for that integrity. The truth is that there HAD to be some challenges with surviving the work culture that were also related to his limitations as an alcoholic. I won't pretend working for himself was not informed by his being both a workaholic AND an alcoholic.

They go in tandem for him. YES one of the hardest working people I know is this brother of mine.
I was proud of the work he did on his own paper. He really rocked it.

I missed it when he did shut down after losing financing * it was self financed and he sold lots of ads too .. but he was not profitable and took the hit of the loss after the law suit. I mean it is a bittersweet appellate level win when you win a case but went bankrupt in the process.

Sure a win for free speech.

But he couldn't really AFFORD to survive here easily. It was either live in parents basement
as a Gay man with very conservative Catholic Parents-

or humble self and rely on other family
which was teaching English overseas.

So yeah my bro comes back and job hunts and then gets the next offer but unfortunately,despite his effots, the job offers that came in were never the jobs in the U.S. He would look and not find one so he would take the next offer that came in from overseas.

One year it was Korea
another China
but he made Vietnam his home as the offers there were most consistent and repeated.

I wish all my kids could go visit and spend time and get to know him a bit. They would all learn from him as he tells stories of teaching about Tiamanmen Sqaure to the students in China.

That history has been obliterated there.

He found it important to share with them

But also knew he best get out of China fast after teaching of the actual merits of democracy.

So I have a brother who has trouble finding a livable wage job here when he comes home and looks so he goes back to Vietnam with his husband and they have carved out the best life they can there.

He is finding it hard to compete now in being a teacher of English as a second language in the Asian market that he had made his bread and butter in for the past 20 years.
He was an early adopter of on line teaching. He did it for YEARS teaching English as a second language.
However now Singapore has produced many teachers with MASTERS DEGREES specifically in teaching ESL!

So much so that he is having a hard time competing with them as their prices are much lower than what he has been working for.

Again I see my bro, older worker in a completely different market
who does not have a Masters Degree and is having a hard time competing without it.

The Masters Degree is the new BA.

it is like it is NEEDED in this world now for professional jobs.

I am grateful I at least HAVE that higher education as I see these brothers of mine have challenges in finding work.

So the one bro went to Vietnam and visited the other and fell in love. Then he got married and gave up his work at the time

Clearances are serious when on federal projects. I recall the one guy I am friends with who always DATED foreign women but said he would never get married as he would lose his clearance.

I found that so bizarre.
but he was not apparently reporting EVERY WOMAN he ever slept with.. HA HA

yet if he got married then he would have to report the relationship with the foreign national?

The interesting thing is when it comes down to it-
who the fuck ever actually would EVER want to talk about work to their significant other anyway? I mean once you LEAVE work doesn't' everyone leave ite behind and enter their LIFE and relationship with loved ones and want to NOT THIN K about work at all??

I mean that seems the norm to me.

EXCEPT for the actual Ana Montes of the world.

What matter is it who someone loves? I mean how likely is it that someone is going to be in a position to pass on detrimental info
UNLESS They already WANT To do so with intention.

I am astounded that she was released.

I mean What the hell?


She was the one and only

I can't see there really being big risk of more of her.

I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around how she thought she was helping end persecution in Cuba. What the hell did she think she was achieving? To me she is the ultimate egoist.

But in any case, my bro gave up his work to marry a non U.S. citizen who NOW years later IS A CITIZEN!

It was a happy day when my Sister in Law was naturalized!!

So my bro could go back to govt service work.
BUT I am happy he at least landed a job. It is nothing exciting but a steady income and as one of the old dudes at the retirement community said when I asked him
"hey I heard you were a professor once. Did you enjoy that work?"

He shrugged and said
"It was never a question of enjoying work. You just do it."

He was so matter of fact and sincere in that answer. He is this guy who reminds me of my Dad in many ways.
He is smart and funny and that just made me laugh in its wisdom.

YEAH you do the work you are blessed to get.
It doesn't have to be some great life purpose. It is a tool for the rest of your life's purpose!

So I am glad the the one bro landed his next job! That is good news.

And the spy is freaking out of jail is the news I have been shocked by and can't wrap my mind around. WHY?

I mean just why??

I don't get it. Releasing her early.

People like her ruin things for the rest of us. REALLY I mean it is shit that she did that made my bro have to give up a job he loved when he fell in love with his wife.

Cause it would have been a PIA to go through a whole clearance process again and it just seemed so not worth it at the time as he could just get private sector job for a time.

and hell, I am actually irritated by the Ana Montes release news and yet also am irritated that there are stories of how her impeccable memory enabled her to do what she did- I mean I don't WANT her to get attention. Not deserved for her smiling on the cover of news media outlets. Lets not glorify criminal behavior

SURE SHE was right that in the past the U.S. was complicit in decisions that harmed many people there

BUT that does not give any justification for her actions
that then will cause more harm to people and possibly DID create harm to many people

What was her faulty logic?

I mean atrocities of the U.S. in past don't rationalize giving intel to a suppressive regime that has been destroying its OWN people.

And the motivation of the U.S. actions was in fact to prevent ongoing suppression of freedoms in Cuba.

Sure the policies miserably failed in many respects
BUT to so egotistically think you single handedly can undermine our whole govt system of people working on current policy and relationship and conditions in that county
by SPYING and turning over intel

is so fucked up.

BEYOND reason

I mean the ego of it
and disregard for current harm and future harm was so astounding

FUCK The problem is that she may be the only one CAUGHT

Carmichael at DIA believes that her mole is not the exception but the rule. Let's hope he is flat out wrong.

I think he has to be wrong. I can't see that many Americans or others even choosing to carve out a life playing both sides of a fence in the intelligence warfare which is where most battles are these days typically

I mean it makes so little sense. I just don't get her motivation based on ideology.

Why take a job for the govt if you disdain it?

I don't get it.
Just go do something else with your life. Or freaking move to Cuba if you have such a great love of it.

I mean even if you see the world as really all one and nationalism ARTIFICAL and designed in a way to protect a small group at the harm of others-

well then , why not just not be a part AT ALL of any govt system? I Mean as far as where you put your labor? AREN"T THEY ALL THEN EQUALLY AMORAL?
So if you disdain the amorality of these govts? Why then PLAY in their sandbox?

I just don't get it.

Her actions are equally amoral! I mean she is doing the exact thing she disclaims.
Morality is NOT RELATIVE as she seems to think it is. There are RESPONSES to YOUR ACTIONS and your moral compass SHOULD be guided by your own desire to do no harm.

Its like she was critical of a lack of moral compass in U.S.policy decisioning in the past but yet herself has no moral compass in her present reality.

I just don't get it.
I mean psychologically I still have the same question I have posed before:
HOW do our U.S. intelligence agencies weed out the narcissists?

I don't think they do a very good job.

Why is she not deported?

That is the part I don't get.

OH I guess can't

as yeah we are the land of the free.

and she is an American

OH And back to my MAIN and first thought and what I need to NOW focus on.

So I paid the mortgage with the account I never used to pay it before. I linked the MORTGAGE account to the existing bank account and used the bill pay. OOPS I did not use the newer Zelle and apparently what I did was have my bank Issue a PAPER CHECK. I had not quite realized that is what happens when use BILL PAY at my bank. The old tried and true bill pay interface is old school check issuance. I have not used it in a while and just did not think about that! I think I was assuming it would be a wire or ACH and quick ( like the OTHER bank I use does when click their bill pay)! Thing is the money was pulled from my bank account that issued the check so it shows GONE. It shows the transaction went through but I am not seeing it ledgered on the receiving end! The mortgage payment is STILL NOT showing posted to the mortgage account. It was sent JAN 3. That is making me nervous. Sure there is a grace period of 15 days but still. I HAVE FOUND My mortgage company NOTORIOUSLY SLOW in posting payments no matter what method they are sent to them. They are by far the MOST inefficient banking institution I have ever encountered as far as how SLOWLY Things clear.

I was careful- I read the info on my actual mortgage statement as to where to send payment. I followed that instruction so I am SURE the check was sent to the right location.

CRAP time to make some calls to my mortgage company and see if they know where the heck that payment is and why not yet posted.

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