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2023-02-02 - 11:25 p.m.

The DC Helen Hayes for theater awards came out and it is very interesting as I don't go to the theater that often ( I mean overall!) but last year I DID go more often than in prior years , as I had the Kennedy Center season tix ( thanks to the Christmas Gift of cash from my Dad I used to purchase that, and thank's to The Artist's Way that encouraged me to plan an Artist Date regularly!)

I think had I not been working on The Artist Way I would not have bought those season tix. It would have felt too extravagant.



SO the shows I picked to see are the ones nominated for awards.

The best show I saw all year however was this incredible play called Blue Door.

My DC guy brought me as he is friends with the producer and it was such a treat to be able to go see that.

Honestly that was an absolute highlight. I mean of the year for me, of all the night's out.

OK going to bed now!

Another beautiful day. Saw one of my oldest friends here who I have not seen in a while!!! She was literally one of the first friends I made. I in fact was friends with her BEFORE I even became friends with my bestie here. I babysat her daughter who was friends with mine when they went to an after school program, so that she could go play this really important concert of her original compositions.

I used to go out on Friday nights to hear her and her husband play at an Italian restaraunt. He in an amazing violinist that played for a time with the Cincinatti Orchestra, one of the finest in the U.S.

They were in a quartet together and fell in love and became a duo instead- ditching the other two ( who they had played with for years prior.)
It was a great move. I mean they got married 10 years ago and it has brought such joy into her life.

Gives me hope actually! HELL She is about 12 years older.

There is hope I could find a soul mate like her later in life....see....

I love her and her new hubby. He is truly wonderful.

So it was such a joy to spend time with them both today after I got off work (after the early shift filling in at the retirement community 7-2).

We met at the thrift store, where the other friend of hers ( the incredibly talented designer) had just finished up teaching his class to the high school students; and the three of us- she , he and I just had a blast shopping. She found some fab shoes and I found wonderful boots!
I did splurge and buy some. I just threw out some boots that got destroyed as they were pleather and cracked and dried and looked awfu ( Two pair!). So I wanted to replace them anyway. I have another high heeled very sexy Steve Madden boot I have been wanting to toss. But then I wear it "one last time". I took a black marker and filled in all the knicks, as I actually WEAR my sexy boots! I mean they are not just for show. I have run for the bus in those ice pick heels! ( FOR REAL I love a spike heel in snow. Even after the end cap falls off, well those metal shafts sticking out are literally like ice picks.
Heck I am a good dancer, remember that. So walking in a high heel is not hard for me as I have a good sense of balance. RUNNING in a spike high heel is not hard for me either ( really); or dancing. Its like this special talent. Some can't walk but I have learned to run. You learn when the choice is get stuck in the city when really have no money to pay for either a hotel or an uber out of the city to get home or RUN to catch that last commuter bus!

I did cut it close and literally ran and hopped on the commuter bus on occasion.

So I got two pairs- for $34.
BOTH leather!
One is a Nine West very pretty and practical black boot to the knee; and the other is the really sexy grey leather with what the heck are they called- some bling like things, but tough IDK almost like gromets? I don't know what they are called... little metal circle things but they are freaking cool looking.

They are perfect for one of the characters I am playing in the show. I want to put them on at the end of the scene. We do the run through of dress rehearsal tomorrow so damn I shoud have gone right to bed.

I made coffee for my friends who came by my house with me after the thrift shopping for a bit. Then my friend had to go teach a music lesson and I had to go volunteer at the art org rehearsal anyway so they left. I cooked nice dinner and went off to help out with the arts org. ( Just to have a board member's presence in event any issues arose)

OMG I was so overjoyed watching their rehearsal tonight. The bitchy woman was not there and it reminded me of WHY I stuck around despite her , as it was so amazing to watch these folks rehearsing. I even was struck at how marvelous to have first seen the current director as well as music director about 10 years ago. I mean 10 years ago the director was a participant and was IN the shows! About 10 years ago, there current music director was also playing music for the shows and was a student studying music therapy
I mean I was almost in tears- literally welled up with just joy and emotion at wathching these two grown ladies working together

when I felt like I WATCHED them grow up and grow into these incredible artists and teachers that they are today! They are just wonderful ladies as people too. I mean really , really special caring ladies who bring so much to the kids who are in this program, and the SKILLS They are teaching the kids are remarkable. The DISCIPLINE- oh as they mean business and the kids have such respect for them. I mean there is a rule NO electronics in rehearsal. You come to work and learn and get the part right. I watched 25 kids get on a stage SILENTLY And enter into the space of the blocking the director taught them. I mean this show is not until March, this is early in rehearsals and the kids have progressed so much in the past couple weeks since I last saw them. ( I skipped going last week), yet it was already powerful to watch the empty stage, then the curtain open to reveal 25 actors on it. ( When they were SO Quiet gathering!)

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