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2023-03-05 - 2:41 p.m.

Tip if ever taking public transportation which I just realized not everyone would know until they do it.

There are official bus stops.

when you ride regularly- if there is a SAFE place to stop; at discrtion of the driver-

Or if there is a red light that the bus always hits( and if it a long one); depending on where, traffic, etc...
really safety the main issue
and comfort of the driver in charge of the route-
I mean you might get the rule follower who will NEVER Do this and have to respect that ( surely safest from liability perspectif for the bus company)-

MANY Drivers will have an "unofficial" Stop to help folks who are regular riders get to work. The stop closer for the person to walk to their workplace. Often a stop that has a SAFER Walk for the regular passenger/ pedestrian.

You just, as a rider, have to ask the driver politely "Any chance you can drop me off here?"

Some don't know in some areas it is perfectly fine to ask this! (Small towns, suburbs). I don't imagine in the case in busy traffic areas, but out where I live this is a really great tip to know.

Its been a while since I rode the bus. So I have to plan for the OFFICIAL stop and be mindful of walk time (not Soley plan for the unofficial stop!) There has been recent transit strikes and not sure if the driver is the same or if there might be a newer one who is not comfortable with the years old tradition of the stop created by a collaboration of former neighbors and co/workers (the one who recruited me to my part time job at the retirement community) and the regular bus driver who rode that route for years. I also better see if the strike ended... LOL Just thought of that! I fully support the strikers. I will happily bike in if needed but have to plan accordingly.

This is the thing about poor people. They invest so much more time in just GETTING to work that those with privilege may not even be aware of. I personally delight in my bike commutes or bus rides. I really enjoy the routine and the exercise and it really works fine for me. It gives me the excitement of a challenge and then the sense of pride at the hard work and accomplishment of simply showing up anywhere ! HA HA

I mean imagine how different your outlook would be if every morning when you got up and SHOWED up you just felt GREAT at the fact of you making it there!

For real, that is what it is like when have to navigate public transportation or biking or walking to get to work or school. I think this is one of the best things anyone can do to learn that they have solid resources INTERNALLY and are able to problem solve and overcome challenges. Hell you need a self-esteem boost? Just freaking stop driving and figure out how to take the bus. Maybe it does not work for everyone, but for some reason when I have to navigate the world in this way I feel so much more aware and connected to community, to my sense of time (for the executive functioning planning) and so much more grateful for even the little things. I also find then that when I do have to pay for a car or its service I am more grateful for such luxury and have less issue in the cost of those items. They seem luxurious and such a blessing! It feels so marvelous then to have the shift to NOT have to navigate the bus and bike commute when transition to such luxury of having a car. That is the fascinating thing to me- that I think change is so good as each time there is change there is an opportunity for a shift in perspective, to see things in a new way and I really think and opportunity to learn something new and improve one self and one's life in some way- whether big or small.

When taking the bus I LOVE the build in time for reading and resting! Honestly- back in the day of full time in office schedules and being a busy working mom that hour a day with a novel felt LUXURIOUS!
Glad I do have a couple good paperbacks on me. I look forward to reading on my ride on the bus when need to take it to pick up my car if I do that rather than bike there.

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