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2023-04-28 - 3:49 p.m.

Wow it is already 4pm!

Time flys when you are having fun.

It is so funny that there are some predicable patterns among my couple of clients.

One sends me work on Fridays.

They have spurts. I support the CEO when something bubbles up. So it is sporadic.

I already scrubbed all their agreements so they now just try to use their contract paper.

I am just happy when I have not heard from them in a few weeks to then get something in my in box!
It shows me it is because I did a damn good job and they have solid agreements now and learned to use THEIR agreements when they do work rather than sign anything put before them.

When I do my job very well, my services become unneeded essentially!

EXCEPT for the few customers that are not trusting or who don't want to do the work of reviewing their agreement and insist their OWN must be used.

So I am happy when then someone in the company hits that kind of situation and their customer is a relationship valued and they invest in my review of the document as they are going to play nice.

That is to a point... not rolling over to be taken advantage of. That is where my value comes in.

It does feel good to do a review that I enjoy and knock it off in an hour or two.

Its only a couple hours of work ( Well actually it was really three truth be told. By the time I also clean up formatting and make the document clean and write the email and explain what I changed....etc....all that takes some time.)

The thing is I know no attorney would do it cheaper and I know I am AS GOOD AS ANY ATTORNEY


as I track my hours today for them.

The CEO had me support a project so I had a kinda big month in Feb and early March with that client.

Then nothing all month til now...

Which is why,
I feel like they got a big invoice and were watching the money perhaps.

But that should not cause me to feel badly about billing them! It DOES make them mindful and discerning of when to engage me.

AND it reminds me that I AM GOOD at what I do so I need to pick up more clients.

Its time.

Cause at first any client will have lots for me to review and clean up. But ONCE I DO THAT I am not as essential until there is some hot potato that needs tending to.


so I have to then do what I do for someone else.

This is why I like consulting after all. Cause with an employer once I hit the point of having already improved their templates and tightened up the language I then look at other things... process improvement... compliance

Oh and that internal audit hat goes on. I can't help it. I want to fix things that I see can be fixed.

I NOW want to just look around My HOUSE with that mindset and not be an irritant to companies that are happy in their bubble and with their blinders


I mean they can keep being happy

and I can do what they want me to do BUT NOT BE THE FIDUCIARY OR CORPORATE SIGNATORY Carrying the RESPONSBILITY

Hell I have no problem in that role
when they listen to me

Its when companies don't want to do the right thing and there is something I am a bit uncomfortable with things get dicey...

I mean it is just the world is imperfect

I sure am too

But there are some things that cross MY line and I won't support.

I have had this rant before.

Today's late afternoon ramble is just the RELIEF when I get work after there was a lull of none from the one client I really love supporting. They do just such freaking COOL STUFF in the world

Which I of course will never speak of. NDA and all that.

Not that it is top secret. None of it really is. Not rocket science, or national security or some such like that...
but just NDAs of the normal corporate world which I take very seriously.

I am now getting ready to go to the part time new job. It is a rainy day and it is actually nice to have this to go do this evening. I feel so chill and relaxed and HAPPY after a few hours of the other paperwork I like. It is weird how I can lose track of time and be so HAPPY working at that kind of work!

But it is true. When the work is manageable and does not have some unrealistic deadline it is fun.
That is another reason it is so great to work for myself. NO artificial deadlines! I mean I get stuff in and I do it quickly (for the most part).

I am letting one project linger til next week for one client solely so I don't go over 10 hrs for them this week so it was just IDEAL that the work for the other came in today!

AND I got to sleep in late on this rainy morning. I was supposed to meet an old, old friend for lunch but she travels for work and her flight was delayed. She had meetings and missed an earlier flight... so was supposed to get another later but weather made it late. So she did not get back to DC until 1:30 AM! Instead we just caught up by taking on the phone for a couple of hours. She lives near DC and was tired and neither of us really felt like driving to meet in the middle as planned on this rainy day. I was just as happy to talk on the phone when she told me how tired she was. I took the dog for a walk for a bit close to the house today- just back and forth in the range of the phone which was fine by my dog who also hates the rain!

So off to work. I feel so chill and relaxed! Its nice. It was after all another week of 10 (actually 11) billable hours at that part time job with my company. YEAH it is supposed to be icing on the cake of a full time gig I imagined manifesting, but actually this is such a NICE PACE and so non stressful and manageable that I love being able to get more sleep and spend time with my kids. Yesterday we all collabed at the kid's reorganized the kitchen and one pulled up old caulk after I went to the thrift store and bought a Professional Kitchen Aid mixer that was there for $125.
The thing looks brand new.
Someone must have gotten a gift and never used it ( or lightly used it).

I saw it posted and the kids BEGGED ME TO GET IT. They have been telling me they want a mixer FOR YEARS. I was happy with hand beaters!

Kinda sad the only thing we made was boxed pudding into a pre made pie shell ! HA HA
But they were really into cleaning and re-orging our kitchen- so that took time and then they were tired. I had also bought a pecan premade pie crust months ago that landed on a clearance rack and never used it, and finally remembered to pick up a boxed pudding mix! I envisioned making homemade chocolate moose, a really good decadent kind to fill that crust with but never got around to it. So the boxed Hershey's dark chocolate pudding had to do, and it was nothing special but OK. Downright silly however that was the first thing made with such a fine machine! I am sure we shall use it for something more worthy soon enough!

We have a spice rack we all agreed was nicer in theory than in reality and other things we are ditching so it felt good to get the kitchen decluttered just a bit to fit that on the counter. It just felt good to me the kids were excited to work on some project other than playing video games. I could not get them to come to the thrift store with me, but hey their enthusiasm in cleaning the kitchen was something positive at least. I am hearing from other parents it is a whole generational malaise many are dealing with.
OK off to work!
I just realized said I would go in early... for something... to be signed? I forget what but time to roll.
Some new employee paperwork thing...have to catch someone that leaves at 4:30. PS: Back from work and recalled as was driving it that I had to catch the Nurse who gave me that TB test, the bubble under the skin, which had to be read today! I was so happy when I arrived she was out front ready to go home and I caught her!(She was glad too. Apparently she had texted me and in typical ADHD fashion I honestly did not see my cell phone at all today... it is here somewhere...)

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