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2023-05-25 - 6:13 p.m.

I got picked up by Lyft heading to my medical appt yesterday by a gal driving a Toyota Scion

I swear it is the same base car model as the Kia Soul.

There was some car years ago there were three versions of the actual car. Honda Accord and Ford Fit I think? And a third?

I forget now, but am rather sure sometimes car manufacturers actually do share or sell a base model design;

or if not in this case the darn Toyota looked and felt just like my Kia! (But newer without the dings and crappy engine! It was a great car. The Lyft driver was very happy with it.)

Totally random to post here. But...
After all I did make it to the walk to the library. I saw a job come in for review JUST as about to leave and resisted the urge to change the plan as this has been on the TO DO for far too long!

I decided to trust this process that perhaps the folks at HQ will have common sense.

So I did send them ALL The relevant records after all.

Heck no need to hold cards close to my chest when all they show is actual diligent care and maintenance as required for the car.

And....the repeat "Customer says check engine light; car drives only up to 50-60MPH"

Will see.
At least finally got this step done.
Now off to a nice walk home and make some dinner and hang with the young adults who are playing video games and defensive when I try to talk to them. Its hard to have a conversation with folks that have zero interests outside of gaming actually. When I ask if there is anything they find of interest, even to try to get ideas of stuff they might want to DO with me- they get defensive. When I ask cause I want to understand why the one things they can't work- they get defensive. They said "The job requirements are all things I can't do- can't lift; can't walk or stand"

I asked "How about sit at a desk and answer only a handfull of calls in an evening? I am rather sure you COULD do that and you might like it."

I get the response " I can't get there. I don't have a car"
to which I said
"But you can take a bus, and then a Lyft home. You could TRY IT as you might find you like it."

Its the lack of willingness to TRY I do not understand at all.

I asked the other one "Do you feel like your POTS is that debilitating? I feel like you are not as sick- OR are you? Is it POTS, Depression, something else? I just want to understand why YOU are not looking to work or do anything out of the house"

THAT Kid- said "I don't like people. If you knew me at all you would know that."

That is news to me. I said " I know Your SIBLING does not like people but yeah that is news to me. I mean I know you are an introvert. But that does not necessarily mean one does not LIKE people."

I really just don't understand the choice to not even try to do anything.

I did say I would expect them both to want to CONTRIBUTE

to our home, to their community , to be involved and engaged in some way that they would enjoy.

It is just so odd to me and I think is depression more than anything else. Just that persistent sense of things not mattering. Persistent escapism.

I clearly should never try to talk to them both together. They pack and then are both negative toward and in reaction to me.

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