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2023-05-26 - 1:09 p.m.

Diversion I should not take time to do this

BUT it kinda gets my goat so to speak. ( where the heck did that phrase come from? Someday will go down that rabbit hole)

Pay to play adverstising under guide of pretending to be a jounalism is BS.

For $3000 I could too be listed in the top 10 service providers in my field
Which are listed alpahbetically
in what looks like ( and is considered by some) a decent professional journal


They don't even have the ethics to have the disclaimer at the bottom of their "articles" that it is paid advertising.

The say "The ads are separate. You don't have to buy an ad package'

GREAT then what do you want from me?
I would imagine if you are highlighting the top 10 that would be feedback from customers int he market?
Market research and recommendations from clients?
What data are you looking at to choose the top ten
OR is it simply those ten who are willing to pay $3000??

So I said "Sure you can write an article and include me in top service providers if you like. Any Journalist can write about any public company like mine without my permisson.. What is it you want from me?"

Now a real journalist would have been interested in whether I have satisfied customers. If there are any would would want to speak about what I do that is just so darn unique

A real journalist would want perspective of use of AI pros and cons and then the unique value of having a human like me at some interlay level (even if use AI)
a real journalist would want insight from someone like me who has worked on systems builds and tested AI systems and know the pitfalls of installation of a CLM system
gets it when the cost/benefit makes it worth it
and when it is just a waste of your company's damn money for the shiny toy that

will not necessarily break
but unless you have the folks who know how to leverage and use it well

Is worthless.

I mean you don't buy your grandma the latest I phone if she is overwealmed by all those apps.

You get her the basic old style flip phones with only large numbers and ability to have auto dial for her fav son on it; and YOU Set it up to block incoming calls from spammers
like this one that I feel like hit me up.

Its just such bullshit

Building business on other's ego.


The truth is it is a great advertising opportunity. Make no mistake there are enough dumb consumers who believe and are impressed by the top 10 provider articles in what seems alegit valuable technical journal/magazine.

The whole model disgusts me.

Done with rant.

Swear even if I was a million dollars in the green and had mad money I would not say YES To that BS.

Its actually more valuable for those start ups who are like me with tiny porfolios; but most essentailly valueable for those who need to get an infusion of capital

Like venture capital

I swear some folks working in finance are not the sharpest.

Not even kidding
I am serious

They are the biggest fools of all buying into Fool's Gold

(Great book! Recommended READ HEY LOL you know who you are Want an actually Interesting read of good story that makes you look smart and will give you financial literacy as well??

As long as you can stomach it and not be appalled by the actual horror story of how our markets really work..
and are based on SPIN

and BS STUFF Like PAY TO PLAY fake articles that become basis for company valuation...

Read The Big Short and Fools Gold. I am sure there are tons of other horror stories out there along the same lines.

But hey you can bring those to work and not worry about how judged... oh unless being a geeky nerd is not the image you want.

50 Shades of Grey might be more your style??? HA HA HA

I know the Buffalo guy was so riled that his once GF ( The ex I hear about despite not wanting to) would go to the beach reading that book; then carry it around to bars over her margaurity when out just chilling alone WHILE SHE WAS DATING HIM
He felt like COM ON NOW... if that does not say "on the powl" what book does send that message more clearly??

HA HA I thought he was oversensitive and thought maybe she just really wanted to read it.

He was like "Did it take her years to read it?"

I said "maybe she wanted to re-read it? Maybe the hint was for you??"
OOPS Should not have said that.... Maybe i gave her way too much undeserved credit HA HA

BUT this was a gal who said she did not believe in monogomy. I think he should have listened and trusted that was when she was honest. I think she just thought she had a good thing going and had to play the part to keep having the good thing going. Sad cause he is fine with our arrangment. He would have been fine with oh whatever--- he just fell in love with her so then suppose that did change things for him. Love will do that even when don't want it to.
He had been trying to get over the heartbreak of it and I think it takes years to heal. So I try to be patient when he does need to talk and it bubbles up.

I suppose not having been heartbroken in years , I mean really. I let folks go but its been years since I could have my heart shattered- I think I have less empathy than I should sometimes.

OK back to work,

I only took a break to log into the dedicated company computer. For one client I like to use the computer dedicated TO THEM ONLY.

And I have work for them. The problem is with ADHD one can be in flow but when take the BREAK to do anything differnent distraction sets in.

I was getting there - focused in flow.
then wanted to switch machines. This business laptop of mine is busy. Too busy. I prefer to log into the others' system have direct access to with the more secure machine frankly,

BUT That meant going to find it; then going to find the pw hint HA HA
and I also happen to ahve more than one user log in One for managing the contracts as admin
and my own email with them
And when I have to look at HISTORY of a deal or need to clean up the main files and general contracts in box and check it to be sure nothing came in that no one else tended to yet have to use the admin log in. That is just the extra step.

It takes time...

Mutliple computers and log ins are the kinda thing that take ADHD folks LONGER to work through.
But I do it.
Too bad it slows me down. Then the phone call came and I made mistake of answering it.

#1 productivity tip. DO NOT ANSWER PHONE and shut of notifications; so no response or even reading of texts while working. FOCUS on ONE THING AT A TIME.

I seriously do that and it works wonders.

So back at it.
Just felt like this is a topic worth venting on. And it is also the tangible reminder to write my own damn article ansering all the RELEVANT questions a decent journalist would ask me.

That is something I can do.

I can just throw it on Linked IN; OR put it in the newsletter for the professional org. I could write one article a month for that and we would have ACTUAL CONTENT.

I already have three different topics. Can pick one each month. If anyone else then wants to write and submit too- that would be great. If I start doing that it might motivate others too.

YEAH That is a good plan. It might help revitalize the org, AND generate engaged conversation/interest dialogue and learning opportunities. I could learn from OTHER'S unique perspectives.
I would LOVE That.

And it also I feel would have more integrity. Truth be told the only content that was submitted were practice updates of articles to link to which were written by the lawyers in the law firm the one board member works for. I kinda felt like the professional org was being used by him as MARKETING for his firm. I felt like the push for a newletter was driven by that one attorney wanting to market his firms contracting group.

I feel like we should unabashedly support and promote the work and companies of our members BUT NOT In "articles" that are hidden ads. MORESO in OVERT ADS.

So lets build a newsletter and make it a place others might want to be a go to place for ads. Make it a valuable resource. Start by sharing FOR FREE resources WE FOUND AND LIKE.

So that is where I started. I highlighted my fav FREE resource. Those who are content creators with added value of GOOD content where anyone can learn. It is distinctly different from pay to play or fake articles. The service providers and lawyers are creating their own content and sharing it. I feel like that is more direct. They do the work.

Maybe no different than the lawyer promoting the firm worked for by sharing the article he worked on?
I don't know but I feel like it is better if our group uses the consumer REVIEWER approach of what we found in the market and share THAT with others. When we have no vested interest other than good will of sharing what we learned from.

To me there is greater integrity in that.

Those who do that well in interest of helping others may of course have a return in gaining business. But it is because they are genuinely GOOD at waht they uniquely offer as teachers and service providers and because they hustle and work hard! NOT cause they PAY TO PLAY.

Maybe I have to get over pay to play exists at some level always.
BE IT pay for accreditation; or to take the sanctioned professional CLE, or join the right professional org. It kinda all is pay to play.

I think this bothers me so much that it is WHY I want to be involved in educational outreach.

We can't have ACTUAL diversity in any market if the bar to entry is dropping money for education.

There HAS To be sources of FREE KNOWLEDGE for the hard workers who hustle and look for it.

THAT is what I want our chapter to provide.

That is my vision.
NOW back to work as I have to earn money and keep on top of my client obligations to give back and pull others up.

I did it backwards this week- simply as had a REAL deadline on my plate for the volunteer work. GOT it done yesterday so now back to my work. I already reviewed most of what I needed to review.
The thing is there is the one missing piece.

I NEVER approve an amendment until I see the totality of a WHOLE BIG PICTURE
and look at the moving parts of the whole.

Its like a puzzle.

I won't sign off on one part and say

"ALL GOOD" YES that fills in the gap, hole, whatever- or added to the picture nicely

UNTIL I can see all of the foundation, prior picture ( whether incomplete and being finished OR was complete but is now being changed with adding more to it! Analogy- a new frame; or laquar or painting over the damn canvas... .WHATEVER...) I need to see everythign that came before

UNTIL THEN I do not EVER give my OK.

Plain and simple.

Much of my job for companies is ensuring the pieces of the puzzle are all easily found in one place and coheively together and able to be visibly seen.

Its the digging for a missing piece that always is the last step and the one that takes time.

I think that is why some skip that step.

SIGN So having at it.
and it is good once done and can check that off my list for any given task.

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