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2023-05-25 - 2:17 p.m.

I can hardley believe it is already 2pm!

I never did send all my service records to Kia. I am rethinking that after getting a letter in the mail inviting me to opt in or opt out of a SETTLEMENT CLASS!


OF course there is a large lawsuit over this exact lack of accoutability issue. I could see that coming.

That is better than me filing my own case likely.

The thing is I was just talking with someone and said it is worth it for me to push KIA to replace my engine OR
then just go buy a new engine and replace it myself

AS only if you have the actual COST of the damage they cause can you RECOVER FOR IT.

I was saying at this point-either they replace it or I would pay for its replacement and fix it myself
so I
1. Have use of the car AND ALSO
2. Can sue them for recovery of the cost of the replacement.

I just know any court is going to be sympathatic.

(Am I still naive?)

Thing is to have a trial by jury.

Can;t believe i have even been thinking of it- but again
feel like
there is zero accoutability until someone PUSHES for it. So pick your battles

and hell I decided to pick this one

as keep at it.

BUT Getting that letter first made me LAUGH

I mean really
I saw the email, opened it and started cracking up.

Comment popped out of my mouth "Of course!"

And then thought- if I join a settlement class that is WAY Easier than running my own case.

Return would be far less ( if I were to bring a case and win) BUT
could also possibly ( not sure how!!) lose.

Its more the question of energy. I mean what is WORTH My energy.

It is alreedy now almost 2:30 and honeslty all I constructively accomplished today was VOLUNTEER WORK.

I did sign up to do it. I get into it and enjoy it. BUT it really does TAKE ME SO DAMN LONG to just create a newsletter.

I kinda HATE creating newsletters. I seriously think no one reads them. I think EMAIL IS DEAD

I think they are the least effective marketing tools out there.

I did set intention to read one newsletter. I enjoyed it when I did it. But honestly I don't think most take time to read them. I know they are having a resurgance which I think is due to POP UP ADS and AI and algorithsm interferening with other social media enjoyment.

BUT... I am still not a fan.

So first I focused on other platforms. Pushed out marketing for this org on them; then wrote and sent the email newsletter.

It just took all morning- cause I had survey to update questions on; had editing to do as I created this newsletter TWICE already- once in March and once in April.

In March at a board meeting the board acted all gung ho about trying this new communicaiton tool with group think believing it might gerenate interst
(I was the dissenter to be honest but up for it)

I said would be happy to create it and DID

There were others who committed to writgina an article each

And did not
I sent it out asking for anyone to provide input. Two volunteered to work toether on it. I sent them the sign in logs and link and draft and asked for feedback and assigned deadline for articles.

I did not mincromanage them. I just let it be and at the NEXT meeting revisitied the conversations. Told folks if they want to send content great do so- and if they don't I will write and send it out.

I just got it out.

Folks just don't really have time and energy and enthusiasm for running this org. I swear it should be either disbanned or I need to do some recruiting to find folks to revitalize it. I have tried I reached out a few times. I had a couple nibbles, interest, but no bites that held on.

I get into an aboslutel time warp when I focus and do somehting. It is so weird.
I mean I did stop to :

Take dog outside
Do the dishes
Bathroom breaks

But other than that I was in creative design , marketing and writing mode.

I got it done. It just takes TIME. I mean for every picture you see in anything, the creator of the content had to FIND that right image to convey the message.
Wordsmithing takes time.
Editing takes time.

*Of course I saw one more mistake I meant to edit before sending. not a huge one- but it is not technically Summer yet- it is SPRING and I said "Summer is here!"

Ok good enough

already done and I am letting go of perfection.

And will go to the library cause yeah I still have to make the treck there to be able to SCAN and then email anything.
AND I will not email ALL my records but just the most RECENT ONE with the actual code documented.

I am not going to hand over all the OLDER records.
I don't want some Lawyers reviewing them all now.

They have THEIR Kia records of their service on my car. I just need the record of the actual code that WAS written down that is the one tied to this extended engine warranty.

It was written down for just after 150K on my car. The proposed settlement agreement ( not yet finalzied) includes extended warranty for UP TO 150K;
For that reason I might opt OUT as I want them to fix my car even after that mileage for the known issue that they KNOW existed PRIOR to that point.
But really- why have a LIMIT on miles for the warranty? When they KNOW it is a known defect
ther should be no milegage limitation tied to the warranty at all. Make it lifetime engine warranty.

Or make it up to 200k.

They limit as I guess few are driving the cars that long-
especially when KIA was PUSHING To try to get consumers to accept value for trade in an pushing then selling a new car.

I got that hard sell and said NO.

Sure enough the proposed settlement addresses that in the grienvace.

That behavior of pushing sale of a newer model.

But I will send the one record that matters.

SIGH Just wish it were not so late in the day and I was not so TIRED NOW.

Again- its that mid day where my body wants a nap!

Quick nap again ( I did doze off) then outside for the walk. I did eat my lunch outside on the porch and it is another georgous day!)

That is one thing I am grateful for. OH STOP READING HERE if you do not care to have TMI about my health in particular or are squemish and not interested in WOMEN'S health. No judgement. HA HA if you don't care... I never will know. So, the more I read, the more I am convinced that at some point I must have been pregant- yes even WITH An IUD, and then miscarried. I have distinct memory of at least one large clot passing- and the nitty gritty that looked like coffee grounds etc.. and the more I read AND from my other miscarriage experience the more I believe I just did not put two and two together in the moment. Had I thought of it perhaps I could have taken a pregnancy test to see if the hormones that show up when pregant were there- to see if that could have been the case. It did not even occur to me to be honest to take a test. BUT BUT... I mean there were moments where I had that thought- Why do I look pregnant? yet I completely discounted it as not even possible , being that I had an IUD. There was one distinct big clot- and yeah it looked kinda shiny like liver I mean I had that experience and reading about it it all lines up. So weird to think I could have had a pregnancy and been clueless and then had a miscarriage and been clueless- YET what really doesn't make sense is that if that were the cause of the thickened uterus - meaning pregnancy ( Which my Doc said is like that of a 3 mo pregnant woman); it should have REDUCED and gone back to NORMAL in time on it's own from what I have read. SO they say,,, but I do recall the unusual clot-- This was not when in Buffalo two yrs ago July but on one of the LATER more recent heavy bleeding episodes; as I recall this happening ACTUALLY AT WORK one day when I was navigating working and having to run to the bathroom and change pads every 45 min to hour. Low progesterone is the cause apparently- said to be the cause of both miscarriage and if there is thinkening of the uternine lining. Its just so weird. But I feel like a pregnancy and miscarriage would make sense based on what I experienced. What is weird is that I had the IUD! But in fact it apprarently does happen sometimes. What the heck. In any case; I will have a hysterectomy to remove uterus and cervix only; but keep the ovaries as there is no medical necessity to remove those. The Surgon however did recommend hysterectomy due to the abnormalities. The thickened tissue growth is weird, did not go away and she had a hard time even during surgury getting to the IUD. She had to use the camera to guide her after first trying without a probe/camera. So things I learned - While rare, yes some women have gotten prenant when have an IUD and hysterectomy does not include removal of ovaries unless there is medical necessity. I get to keep those; which apparently is good as they help with hormonal regulation and generally removal can create higher risk for OTHER health issues- like increased risk of arthritis and osteoproisis ( HA HA Which I am already genetically aware to be on lookout for and hope to prevent if possible! My mom had both of those conditions!)

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