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2023-06-05 - 3:24 p.m.

I made the right call of just showing up at Gandalf's house after my visit this AM to talk to the Kia dealer ( no word yet- asked for loaner, he has none in but asked him to call me when he does if I can have one for even a few days here and there.)
The Service Rep said still waiting on Kia HQ. I asked him to escalate in house please- he said there is no where else to escalate as HQ is it. I asked him if there is a point person and he said it is who you have the POC info of and have been talking to.

I said would be patient but you know there is always someone who has direct discretion of authority to actually make a decision and its often a matter of findign THAT person to get things moving forward.

So working actually at Gandalf's

Will update later.

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