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2023-06-07 - 6:44 p.m.

This was helpful

My son called to suggest that I do not travel when I planned on it. He suggested everyone else go and I join them later-
but that I stay and rest.

He is likely wise in this suggestion.

I initially posted out of office only on the days I am flying, figuring I can work if anything comes in.
Re-thinking that.

Gandalf already gently encouraged me to take off work the days I was on schedule right after my surgery. The gal I took this job specifically so she could have off for some surgery is happy to work for me now that she is recovered and back!

Its funny that my abdomen is hurting just now. Some pressure. It happens only once in a while, and yeah it is the fibroids-
I ate a salad a while ago- just before work. I think when stomach full perhaps it is when that occurs.

He was also helpful in advising I hold a house meeting with my kids to prepare them for the fact I will need some looking after, care and support after surgery for a few days at least.

He is so right. He said he wanted to do whatever he could to help me out.

I just called and chatted with my kids who live with me and they are all on board with helping me during post surgery care/recovery.

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