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2023-06-09 - 11:36 p.m.

I just realized something. My bestie crossed so many boundaries telling our story, I mean therefore my story to Gandalf over the course of the evenings we all did have such a blast together.

I should have stopped HER emotional slut behavior! Lol. In this case Galdslf is her already close friend for years. BUT when people ask how we becsne friends I say " Our girls were in Brownies together".

But red flags I did not pick up on in the moment:

Offers for Gandalf to help me with a computer problem. ( That freaks me out to be honest. No I don't every want my bekoved to touch my computer. It triggers memory of what I think waa manipulative interference in my computer communication from years ago. MY FRIEND from collegeI was super close with years later wondered why I did not respond to his emails. I NEVER saw them and it was sane timing of me daring Victor very early on when I used a computer he gifted me with. I have a problem with men I just met wanting to help or give me electronic devices!) I know this is PTSD. Gandalf brought a charger out he ssud I could have, a portable one abd I said thanks But then put it in the glove compartment of his truck as panic set in. I couldn't take it .)

Truth be told I recalled this guy helped her with her computer issues and when googled to find the computer repair help and a business showed up that I thought was the area we had stopped way back when I kinda thought and hoped it might be his business cause then I would have met him without my friend trying to play matchmaker or involved at all.I recall stopping by his house with her years ago as he helped her move pictures from her phone abd computer into a consolidated thumb druve

And I KNOW he is adept BUT recalled her saying years ago he worked with computers. I had no idea what capacity but

Hired someone found based on reviews.

Pleased with my outsourced computer support.

So don't need help. But woukd have welcomed it from him if were NOT dating from his business. Being cyberstalked is the abuse I find hardest to overcome in a way. I wonder if anyone has started a group for victims of cyberstalking? Hell maybe I can if no one else has! A meet up. Bet it has more than 3 peoole join!!
And will ONLY go to a bona fide business good repute.

Sure I carry cyber insurance but need to be diligent

I need to stick to NOT working from potentially not secure environments

So that fear makes me wonder if I am best off writing

Ha ha.
Scrap this dark work altogether and write my damn novel or screenplay
Or imagined stories taking my intrusive thoughts to their imagined ridiculousness

Could be freaking fun!! Ha ha

But I have to still be provider.

I just need to work on.own security plan with earnestness again.

I set up some things.

Behavior is the biggest risk.

User behavior

That is where I failed.

I am taking stock and will do better.

While I never shared details that would violate an NDA , I was EXCITED to share in celebrating 🍾 my new client news and mentioned thrilled with the balance of different sectors they each work in.

I Said more than necessary when sharing my joy . I need greater restraint ! I just think will not talk about work to Gandalf at all. It was just tempting as I has stayed at his house and we both were working so was at his place when had to take a business call. He took a half day to spend time with me before the surgery. Oh we dont have strep , or Covid or mono or the flu.. But both he and I had sore throats. Mine worse with yuvky white phlegm so basucakky I stayed there so as to not pass it on to my family here. He brought me to the Dr Wed who said yes proceed with surgery. The throat is still sore. He was sweet when caring for me as this hit me harder with very nasty throat. Coughed up some yellow phlegm today so need to call doctor Mon if not clearing up. /p>

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