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2021-04-26 - 01:01 p.m.

Today's fun quick break of reading a horoscope

April 26, 2021
Virgo, you could launch a new communications project or even begin a course at this time. This can be a transformative change and could bring exposure to your work. The full moon in Scorpio is powering your third house of communication and forming an opposition with the Taurus sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus in your ninth house of broader messages. Dig deep into your passion and be as authentic as possible. The world needs your wisdom.

YES! The first thing I worked on this AM was marketing for a professional org.

Some emails and back and forth edits- before 9:30 AM.

I then jumped into my work.

Need a quick break for lunch now. I am feeling organizationally challenged this AM.

Realize I bought decaf coffee in an attempt to improve circulation as I noticed that when having caffine then I was feeling some neruopothy sumptoms at night of pain in my feet. Not a good sign. The good news is that when I cut out caffine the symtom is mitigated. Unfortunately I mentally feel less organized! Caffine helps my focus and recall with organizational tasks. So this Monday I am feeling a bit less organized and less sharp than NORMAL and realized the lack of caffine definately has an impact! Back to work. Need to wrap up some volunteer work but am going to really stick only to my 4 hr workday today at my primary job. I need to get my house and my work inbox organized. Will focus on finshing the chores done over weekend but not completed. (Laundry, clean a bathroom) and then organizing my PERSONAL life the rest of this Mon. THEN I will log back into work when ready and work on organizing email, files etc... if that is tomorrow ( after my 4 hrs) so be it. If feel so moved I might do more this afternoon. But if not well that is OK to. That is in fact why I have a PART TIME job. I love it actually. This week I also need to tend to my own webpage. I hope to NOT have to do webpage updates in the new volunteer role but hope to recruit a whole marketing team , including a web master. LEADERSHIP is about the ability to motivate and lead others, not necessarily doing everything oneself.

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