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2021-07-12 - 1:00 p.m.

Took an hour lunch break then back to work. Hope this was a good use of time.

I read a couple articles from a friend who is not yet vaccinated as want to understand how he believes there is sound scientific reason to hold off when weighing pros and cons.

All he sent only showed it makes sense for women of child bearing years to see vaccination as a possible risk if they are not otherwise at high risk of death if catch COVID.

But other than that group I see no other group for which risk of vaccination would outweigh harm of not being vaccinated, as being unvaccinated allows new SARS Covid variants to be created and spread.

I just don't get it why my friend is hesitant. Makes no sense to me at all.

To each his own....
I am grateful many got vaccinated even if they were not sure of the risks so as to protect self and others from the very real understood Covid risks.

I did find this interesting article discussing one of the you tube videos my friend sent to help explain his rational and share some of the sources he is getting his info from ( which I asked he send to me). He sent "Perspectives on the Pandemic" discussed in this article:

I sent an email with my thoughts.

I just wish he was or would get vaccinated!

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