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2022-05-22 - 4:02 p.m.

Art is a Vet.

He is an alma mater of this program and served as a engineering tech in the Navy.r

After he left the Navy he worked at a variety of jobs; and at some point dedicated his life to actually trying to follow a spiritual path and living life as an artist. He is incredibly gifted; incredibly spiritual
and was not particularlly enamored with organized religion
but never abandoned it completely. He dabbled while enriching his spiritual life in other ways.

He came back to the Catholic Church primarily to support his father to bring him to church as his Dad seemed to need that in managing his grief at the loss of his beloved.

Art's Father and Mother have this amazing life and love story. (Not mine to tell...I try to stay in my own lane so to speak here but sometimes just feel compelled to share stories heard.)

But I come back to vent and rant here on one thing I have written about.

AGAIN awful medical care.

Art finally called the Dr. I understand his reticence moreso now at saying his Dr. and the VA medical clinic feel worthless to him.

He has been having pain and indeed it seems like kidney area. Maybe stones? Maybe something else?

Wouldn't you think a Dr. might run a urinalysis?

Now I get why he was so angry that at his last appointment when they told him to schedule a follow up and they asked for his availability during a week and gave a date THREE Months out... why he just go so frustrated he said he was speechless and then was so angry he just walked out and drove home.

He said that was after an appointment where he felt so disrespected as he was stripped down and was FREEZING and the Dr came in and was so inattentive.

He said "There was no respect or treating me with decency as a person. I was thrown in this room to wait for an extended time and not even given a blanket."

Then the Dr. was dismissive and did not listen.

When he was having pain a few weeks ago I encouraged him to call and schedule the appointment and be firm but not agressive in getting one soon. I felt like he just needed some encouragement. His appointment was this week and when I asked how it went he said "All they did was take blood".

Amazing to me. No urinalysis. He had clearly articulated he was having kidney pain. The good news is he thinks it may just be due to dehydration so has been increasing water and fluids and it seems to help when he does that. I also picked up Cranberry juice as the acidity of that will help a possible UTI. He also said he drank some Apple Cider Vinegar that is helpful with that - but he wanted to do so moderately. But he thing is a Dr. should TEST to identify the problem and patients should not HAVE to go the route of trying to figure out themselves what the issue is. Some guidance from a Dr. Would be nice...rather than internet searches. Its so amazing to me the lack of concientious paying attention to what a patient says!

Complaints about the VA program are not new.

I got a message from my NEW pharmacy a refill was ready. I expected TWO to be ready-
as I just transferred two prescriptions.

ONLY ONE- the Vitamin D was there.

I took the Valtrex this morning and read on the label on the bottle "NO REFILLS"


I mean it took me YEARS To get the script but the script has NO REFILLS????

It is supposed to be the PREVENTATIVE to take DAILY to reduce possibility of herpes virus activation and to PREVENT transmission as use of that not only protects self but OTHERS.

I am astounded.
But should not be surprised.

I am glad found ZOC DOC and have the new Dr. I saw for poison ivy. I am going to schedule an appointment with her again and TRANSFER my records from the local Dr. I had enough with poor Dr.s that pay little attention to patients and fail to provide sound care.

be becuase with my insurance I HAVE TO find the mail order phramacy.....

Could be a factor? I have to follow up to find out.Just frustrating this quest is STILL not over for self care and other care! It should not be that hard when there is a preventative!

The U.S. is failing in health care.

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