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2022-05-26 - 8:58 a.m.

My son left a bunch of stuff here to be stored when he and friends moved out of their kickin Washington Heights apt. It was really close to the edge of the Heights near the water- view of the bridge to NJ. Just BEAUTIFUL location in an old historic incredible building with remarkable craftsmanship, marble foyer and stairs and one of those ornate older lift elevators that still worked.

This laptop found in the stuff is an old Apple and he said I could have it.I see it has not been used in four years.

I need to go visit the Apple store to remove the user IDs and reset it clean; along with re-set of the I-PAD our church bought for the use of an older member. The lady who used that I-Pad enjoyed watching service on line on Sunday mornings and it really did give her great joy! She however also found it a little frustrating as she would lock herself out of it! I visited the Apple store to re-set it more than once! Its a project- just to drive the hour there and take care of it. I put it off then I misplaced the I-pad tucked away for safekeeping! In a recent deep clean of my room I found it- in my bathroom! I mean there is no logic in that, except I must have been thinking no one else would possibly touch it there! Once the I-Pad is reset it will go to another church member for use, either an older one who wants to use it to communicate with family (I helped the lady do that as well! she could FaceTime her kids!), OR perhaps the youth minister will find it a helpful tool. I will bring it back to committee to decide.

We recently ( my oldest who was visiting and I) went through the stuff in storage and boxed up his books and shipped those to him where he now lives. I know I wrote of this already... but hey its the morning ramble of whatever comes to mind!(HA)

The actors all left NYC when Covid hit hard as they were all working as baristas or bartenders as auditioning and taking acting jobs as they came, then they never went back. They gave up the amazing apt last June.

Some parents got the actors in their 20s to house; I just got the stuff!

Its been fun to what what they did in lockdown. One of my fav pieces of creativity is actually from his then girlfriend (they did break up), her bestie who remained her roommate and another grad from the acting conservatory who managed to create a recreation of the first 10 minutes of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer Stone.

It is unbelievably fun. Reminded me of my kids when little recreating the Harry Potter and the Puppet Pals skit of the mysterious ticking..

They were so proud of that, with the climatic bomb at the end of mentos dropped into a coca cola.

Super creative and fun...
but imagine a few TRAINED actors seriously making a re-make during COVID with them playing multiple parts each. (Maybe it was only two actors? I forget now) It was marvelous and they just posted it on Instagram.

So I just read a VICE article from 5 yrs ago how Dairyland is the antisocial network.

YES! Very 90s
Art for arts sake
writing for writing itself
not to be monetized
like the grunge garage bands HA

Space for the underachievers of the world who do their thing FOR FUN and just don't want to work that hard.

When I catch up financially I think the first thing I will do is send Andrew at DL a nice contribution as you know he has kept this thing maintained for 20 yrs and gets one or two NEW users a week for the $2 sign up fee!

That's all he asks. To still know someone gets use of this and it is worth his time and that he gets enough coming in for it to pay for itself. He doesn't seek to monetize it as of yet.

I am happy to have found there is a snarky Dairyland TWITTER which will be fun.

This rambling is my twittering away just chilling taking a few moments of peace.
It is like watching TV for some-

Reading The Artist's Way has been fun and I have been practicing its recommended journaling. Long hand is nice... but somehow just typing sometimes seems more convienient in this day and age. (for use of spell check and knowing I can go back and re-read to see where I was at and how far I have come? Which is funny as honestly so rarely DO that. I mean the point of a journal is not really the re-reading but more the dumping from psyche-- the clearning- the housecleaning of the mind. What we get rid of we should not re-visit and want back....

Its so true.

Clearing and decluttering.

Currently I am in the birthing phase- albeit it has been a slow gestation- of my company.

It had birthed. It exists sorta- at some stage with the embryo having grown. I registered the business in my state LAST year; I have a web site that is fabulous (Except needs just a few more tweaks.)

I have a business checking. I put some seed money in it to pay for business license and permit.

I am just waiting for checks as this cracks me up... so old school- my town DOES NOT TAKE CREDIT CARDS for payment of that.

Cash or check only.

I did not want to earnestly start business development until I had all the logistics ( and legal requirements) actually completed. Everything from licenses to accounts to pay property taxes ( have no property yet!)

AND Have all kosher including then registering with every possible small business association I can be part of and starting hob sobbing at those breakfasts...etc...

I wanted COVID to mitigate a bit more before being social.
Business development-- EVEN IF you want only a FEW clients- DOES take social interaction and effort.

SURE some of us land jobs based on past performance and word of mouth.

I frankly have done so a few times in life.

BUT many of us land jobs by doing the work of putting ourselves out there to connect with people to find opportunities.
It takes a lot of energy and work but I think is worth it.

Enough of my rambling. Back to log into the work computer for my job which I am enjoying. It is however part time and after a few big projects the work is trickling in slowly.

I feel like I just NEED to wrap up this consulting business set up being sure I don't skip anything that will make it strong and do some business development really for just a couple more clients part time. I don't WANT a lot of work in this area truth be told! BUT I NEED to maintain a certain threshold to pay all the household bills (mortgage etc) and since now have GROWN BIG kids here can't use my basement for a rental as fall back if any loss of current income. In the past when they were LITTLE I was able to have them SHARE rooms. They are all way too big for that and I think still need to be here until ready to leave... which is NOT YET.

I have two graduating seniors in the next month! I am just excited that they both are graduating! For the one it was super ridiculous that we had to literally spend over $5K to fight to get the school to enroll them.

My kid was tired after that fight.
I mean this is a kid with chronic POTS.... was tired BEFORE the battle... but it was insane that a sick kid had to go through hoops to prove should legally be in school....

So only one will attend the graduation. I fully support the one that said "Hell NO" as I can't blame the kid-
especially after I sat through the hours of the college graduation for one of the older ones; and realized the graduation from high school is typically on a HOT summer day mid June and is notorious for being super uncomfortable. I want to celebrate the win of the battle but my kid does not care to be the poster child to encourage every other disabled and different and discriminated kid

The idea of being the example of how you can only win the battle if you hire a lawyer is really not something to be proud of.

I mean its fucked up.
My kid feels zero pride in that
Just sadness that there is such hatred and fear- oh yeah, as disabilty was the EXCUSE for not enrolling
but my kid just Happening to be a known TRANS kid- who asked YEARS Ago to be called they/them was the REAL reason the school was trying to not enroll my then 18 yr old. It was fucked up.
Plain and simple.
Cause of this county in the midst of the timing of choosing LAST SPRING, through summer and this Fall to escalate the fighting over use of pronouns and conforming to law to have accessible bathrooms.

It was so messed up. I mean the laws were passed in VA. The schools were bound to comply but rather than comply there was this eruption-

Over having a bathroom with a locked door having both the male/female- all gender bathroom

and calling some kid's "They/them" or whatever-

The thing is the folks wanting to be called she dress and present female and no one would freaking know different unless ....


Most trans folks DO NOT WANT TO BE OUTED
as they feel it is DANGEROUS

They want to NOT be seen
They want to be allowed to quietly EXIST as they feel comfortable

Its so messed up that so much drama occurs as one person's decision on how to exist that THEY NEED to feel OK is seen as threatening to others.

I just don't get it.

I think it funny as the most gender non conforming have been artist and then subcultures
that frankly are not hurting anyone.

I mean just don't enter those spaces if it is not your thing

BUT as long as there is discrimination and in some places there is still non acceptance there will remain a NEED for subcultures.

At some level everyone has to connect to other.

It can be in their homes and families-

OR for those whose families don't accept them and kick them out

WELL then those folks need to find each other.

It seems so darn obvious. I just don't get it- the hatred and the lack of acceptance of the different.

One last comment of the morning ramble. So the good news is the attorney we did hire is very sincerely excited that I am interested in pursuing becoming an advocate for disabled students.

There are SO MANY students, like my own, that twill NOT be in school UNLESS they HIRE an advocate to navigate the process of fighting to ensure their rights are not violated.

Disabled need to literally fight to have what were privileges but have been codified under state education law as a right of every child to receive education.

Its messed up. We have laws set but then there is the expense of fighting for enforcement.

I am so proud of my college student who just graduated with her Education degree to become a preschool teacher.
I did not call her after the shooting at the school and need to. I need to connect and see how she is doing; how the young teachers are feeling as they embark on their careers.

I hear from the teachers who work at church and friends and everyone is heartbroken but also very angry at the lack of gun control.

THE #1 KILLER OF CHILDREN in the US is guns.

This is a uniquely American problem.

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