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2022-06-10 - 7:36 p.m.

Good news is that my young adult child who graduated with her BS landed a full time job to start in August. She also has an internship which was supposed to start last week; but she put it off until this coming Monday as she was having a hard time finding a place to live!
Her job and internship are in a city she doesn't really have any friends to leverage to help out in the short term.
So she had to reach out to family to get some help financially to be able to get a short term place to live.

CHECK- that is accomplished. She booked a place to stay for the internship.

She does NOT yet have an apt for Aug.

Has an application in and I signed as a surity on that application.

Couldn't be WORSE timing... as I have ZERO means to help her out.

My DAD thankfully came through to send money - IMMEDIATELY when I asked on her behalf. so she could get the short term housing.

So she moves Sunday and starts her internship Monday.

OH she didn't exactly GET the job yet- but got the offer! She is waiting til early next week as expects another offer to come in as she had a couple good interviews.

Things will align for her.

I did not hear back further from the opportunity I had sent my resume to interested in letting them know of my availability if they need a gap fill while trying to hire their next full time employee. The lady who called me mid week was really trying to convince me to consider it so it seemed after we had a good conversation. I did agree to consider the actual employment role. ( More than doubling my income is enticing. But going from PT to FT that is expected... so I had to remind myself I intentionally really just want to make ENOUGH and have work life balance and am not motivated by MONEY. For a split second the salary she stated was the hook that made me consider! I mean the job itself is a PERFECT fit and EXACTLY What I did in the last role... moreso than now... now as Part time my boss has retained some responsbilties that in my last job I actually held.)

The thing is the more I think about it the more my gut tells me it is not the path for me and I am better off continuing with my OWN company and continuing the hunt to find one or two part time clients. That would free me up to pivot and then put time and energy into advocacy work on behalf of disabled folks. I really do want to devote some energy to that passion. I couldn't AFFORD to do so in recent years but if I control my rate of pay and find work then I will be able to do more volunteer work where I think I can have the greatest impact. Helping disabled kids who are being kicked out of school without legitimate reasons is one thing I know I would be of service if I could advocate for them.

So, I really like the space I am in as it allows time to develop OTHER Things and doesn't box me into living FOR my job.

I mean I was doing that task which really was boring comliance review and truth be told it just kept making me SLEEPY and I KEPT falling asleep sitting at the computer analyzing data...

It was reminiscent ot the full time in office jobs in an office or a cubicle where I could BARELY STAY AWAKE.

I don't have to do this kind of work OFTEN. I FINALLY Got into flow with it late yesterday and then early this AM! Then kept going and got some other admin work done today,

THANK GOD! I did get in good hrs today!

I was NOT distracted.

That was a nice thing.

But I also NAPPED as I dozed here and there. Then I took some breaks to just read and relax. Yesterday I did the same when I could not focus on the task at hand.

The thing is if there is a ton of work my energy is up and I get it done. BUT I KNOW that also puts my whole body into a different state. I think it is much healthier to have the down time and not be in the hyper kinetic state of urgency all the time.

I much prefer that the moments of adrenaline and high energy are not motivated by work!! I LOVE that my work environment and vibe is COMPLETELY CHILL.

I love there is no one micromanaging me.

I love I can pick up a project to do because I see the need and I dig in and get "Thank you".

No commentary
No criticism
Just apprechiation.

And I love that when need to I get to take a nap.

I mean I always did that. But I love that I don't have to go hide somewhere in a big corporate building and hope to find a quiet private nap spot I won't be discovered.
(The last large corporate office had some great benches I napped on. They were padded and in this space few seemed to go to at a far side of a large cafeteria (not near the food) in a space sparcely populated at lunch time. It was my post lunch nap spot.

Even after napping I think I will be asleep super early tonight. Just very tired. I did expend much enrgy in the analytical work I did today. I actually find it exausting. It just depletes me sometimes. Heck I did start work at 6am so not that surprising... despite naps I did work a pretty long day!

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