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2022-06-18 - 7:35 p.m.

Super bummed I never figured out how to get the speech to text software that cane with the audio recorder I bought months ago to install and work.

I followed all the instructions but the softwear liscense # came up as invalid as already uses.

I wonder if I did install it but not completely? Or just font know how to access it? This will be a project to try to get a tech person to help with
BUT I tried that once already and it seems like a complicated thing to even find who could help.

It's a Samsung recorder with third party , I think Dragon speech to text software thst the device came with.

I have 3 to 4 hrs of " writing" saved there to be transcribed.

I am feeling motivated to continue on the topic started there but would prefer to revisit and edit rather than just continue writing...

Ok enough procrastinating as spent more than enough time thinking and venting of this.

To my notebook.
I have some work to do and tonight feel like writing as I sit here with my teen. So good to just BE home here with teens. I can write until they want to do something. Sometimes we do play board games but now one teen chilling listening to music so a good time for me to write as I sit with her.

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