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2022-06-30 - 5:40 p.m.

Heck I know when to ask for help!
My Dad/ Grandpa came to the rescue and deposited $1000 in my account so that I can pay bills.

Thank God he is able to help us out🙏 and was so gracious about it!

Whew. LESS to worry about as I job hunt. It came at the perfect time as I had to put gas in the car today but only put enough to run essential errand and get to work.

Accounts all caught up ( or will be ) for another month. Thank God for on line banking as saw the transaction that just showed up after I left my Dad a voice mail this AM.
( See that's how we roll....left voice-mail specifically asking for $300 -zero conversation and Dad made a deposit direct to my account. He uses the same bank so years ago I just gave him my account # at his request as he asked for it when helped me out long ago. I sent and email thanking him and he responded " Happy to help.")

The 4th of July is the only weekend I have off at the retirement community which now I am grateful for.
I picked up a last minute shift today as well thankfully at the retirement community after job hunting. My two recent grads were volunteering at the librarry today together. One did an internship there and the other asked to go and help.
There was no way the older one would go if they had to walk! So I put a couple dollars in my gas tank just to get them there.

I was on empty...still am! Ha

But getting filled.

I then put enough gas to get to work after they called me in.

What we need does seem to come...
I am feeling less stressed knowing I have been up against the wall before and things do work out.

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