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2022-07-03 - 1:47 p.m.

HA HA I was doing a google search to see the lowest price point to watch my son's ridiculous soap opera work.
I mean it is such a wild crazy soap, but proud of that work anyway- hey its a job! He is buying his first home along with his girlfriend. (Or rather did buy it.)
He is working on other work which is the best news yet while he has the stability of that show ( with options) Season 4 of a 7 year contract. It seemed like SUCH a long time when he signed it. His agents were like "You don't have to take it, we KNOW something better will land soon"
BUT it was a good thing he followed his gut and really felt he was meant to take it. It was a gut thing.
I mean he was in the running for other major thing a number of time. COVID hit shortly therafter and he was so blessed to be a working actor! SO MANY OUT OF WORK in the whole theater industry in NYC and elsewhere and even TV and movie production just stopped and all were out of work for a long time.

all this to say;
I think it hilarous that when searching just to consider perhaps springing $1.99 on entertainment. ( Of course I do not have the budget to go out. My fav local musician dude I enjoy seeing live who puts on a great show was local last night at a bowling alley! I mean how fun would that have been? I LOVE that musician just seems to play all sorts of venues- some well paid, some less so, seemingly I assume cause he just finds joy in what he does and also knows you take the lesser paid jobs as they STILL have value and are building your brand, your audience. never know what it will lead to as it is ALL PART OF YOUR PURPOSE.)

Total aside there.
But the funny thing to finish the thought- hilarious that one can purchase a poster of my son for $24.99 from a few choices of pirated images from the studio or GETTY IMAGES! OR maybe his web site?
Not sure which...

but no royalties there...
however heck he might not mind if the owner of images ( photograher? Studio) don't mind as the more an actor builds audience loyalty and fans the better for the actor right?
I will let him know when chat next anyway.

I just think that absolutely hilarious; as well as a good sign he has some bonafide fans.
I am going to hold off on watching the soap... will wait til cash flow better and then purchase the whole season. I do get a kick out of watching it.
The next work is Apple TV. That is the funny thing- he was on a show on HULU ( Which I don't have ) and next up Apple TV ( Which I also don't have). So basically I have to see who in my network has Apple TV to catch the newest work of his. I kinda wanted to see a show one of his peeps is in on that network anyway that has been on my bucket list.
The next work of his is truly a really GOOD show which is expected to be outstanding. As in Emmy worthy. Quite the opposite of the sheer fun soap opera intended to be combination of satire. campy fun just ridiculous and tela nova style over the top soap. What is so fun is how bad the show is yet how much fun it is to watch! My son told me his grandmother loves watching it too! HA HA She and I both along with a million viewers who all secretly love the really stupid TV yet won't dare acknowledge that to anyone!! Totally the guilty pleasure! Kinda like reading Harlequin romances. I mean those sell TONS of books, and they are just CRAPPY And forulaic , and everyone knows it, like a Hallmark Movie, YET They keep selling! Women keep secretly reading and enojoying those dumb books.

Remindes me my oldest and I were talking about the Harlequin book challenge- see who could write one and land it published first! HA HA
I thought it was a great challenge.

One of the residents at the old folks home told me her favorite author is JD Robb as she loves mysterys. I laughed when I looked up the author to find it is Nora Roberts.Now that is one prolific writer. Can't say I have read even one of her books or even one harlequin romance. I had one that was translated into Arabic (or written in Arabic) that years ago the Somolian teen girls had with them when they were staying with us after the influx of refugees and my housemates and I housed them up in Buffalo. They left the book with us as they left. I saved it for years just to remind me of the wonderful time we had then. It was seriously so fun to get to know the young ladies and spend time with them those weeks they lived with us. They wanted to do something to thank us so one day they braided all our hair. I will never forget that. The care they took and the gratitude and just such gentle sweet souls these girls were. I has just started a new job, but I didn't worry in the least what anyone thought as I wore those braids proudly. It was just a little uncomfortable when going into work after they braided my hair as I was in a brand new job and knew it was a bit unusual. The discomfort dissappated quickly! I am happy we had a work party as our awesome boss took the whole lot of us out to lunch and someone snapped a photo. We were the first hired staff of the very first group home dedicated to autistic individual. The home was for young folks age 18 over with autism to live in community with their peers. I am to this day still friends with our boss ( who is an amazing woman) and some of the folks I met in that first job landed fresh out of college. (Actually 2nd.I had a freelance writing job I landed so was writing a regular article for a Health Magazine; landed first but I continued to do that for a while until the editor quit over sexual harassment and her writing staff all resigned in solidarity with her.)

HA HA just realized that was the beginning of my work history of jobs ending when stand up for something I believe in.

Somehow that makes me feel better acually. Just the absolute consistency of that.

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