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2022-08-05 - 7:48 p.m.

YEAH! I get by with a little help from my friends...

In this case the recent college grad who is about to start a teaching job NEXT WEEK ( training) who also unfortunately JUST CAUGHT COVID (UGH) was gracious in sending me $200 via Venmo, so I can pay the mortgage!!

THank God for her help!

It was so frustrating to AGAIN have the almost EXACT * tiny bit over amt for the mortgage in the account on the 1rst and authorized the transaction to pay the mortgage at the bank site of my mortgage holder

AND THEN not see the money moved for the next four days!
of course on day three something else was paid and I was Shit out of luck...

I mean the $35 overdraft fees..

And not really avoidable UNLESS I had more money.

IT doesn't just * POOF* appear out of nowhere...

so close... I mean it was so close that I actually EARNED just enough for that payment

and that payday was the FOLLOWING FRIDAY from the part time job( today!)

I did get paid today.
And I did invoice my first client today.
So next week can pay the remainder of bills ( or most of them... well ok SOME OF them)

And keep hustling to find work.

I did not finish the porch mold removal yet. Today I focused on the work needed to gain income and put that off and will get it done TOMORROW.

Today was a business day so I needed to handle-
filing the actual weekly claim with unemployement ( Even though in the end the first week not working the old job my PT work was acatually 20 hrs at the retirement community and even though only 3.5 that week for the client- The amt earned was TOO HIGH for any payment via unemployement.)

The site UI was quirky!

TECHNIALLY Did you know a CORPORATION is a unique PERSON under the law?

SO I have incorporated and run a corporation.

so when declaring my earned income from the work I did from my CORPORATION
I actually declared it all... even though not paid... and even though there are some overehead expenses ( DAMN I should have deduced them from the earned income... I kinda overstated the income earned as honeslty SHOULD have deducted the actual business expenses!)

SHIT forgot that

In any case

I DID set up the new company as my NEW part time employer.
Then Declared in the weekly claim the hrs billed. ( DAMN forgot again the hrs billed for company legit should deduct expenses and then pay ME just the NET!! THat is how it works!!)

But regardless

I declared it income with the new company.

SO after declaring all part time income I get the question "Any earnings from self employement" and I clicked NO
since I did already declare what I earned.

SEE it is its own Actual COMPANY its own EIN NOt my social security #!

And then the system THOUGHT I LIED as they had notes already that I had my own company....
so they expected me to say YES And report something THERE.

BUT I ALREADY DECLARED The earnings from the first 3.5 hrs worked ( YES this is three hrs of work!)

and the system BUMPED ME so I could not finish. Gave this warning message and said to CLARIFY As " YOU DID NOT REPORT EARNINGS FROM YOUR PART TIME WORK"


It was this scathing accusatory message on the interface itself! (Almost funny in a way. Sophisticated programming they did --- but they did not catch the error if the self employment is under a COMPANY name! HA HA!)
Always some weird system anomoly I hit that makes a software interface not work FOR ME.

Story of my life....
I am the anomoly it seems.

I did not call the #. For one thing I was at the library at the time getting my work done ( it is air conditioned! AND I had to use the printer to print and give the W9 a wet signature!)

For another I know after being bumped now COUNTLESS TIMES in trying to navigate the site
If I wait it will often let me go back in and try again.

This might be an autistic trait. To avoid making a phone call to TALK to a real person and instead opt to try to navigate a computer system site OVER AND OVER AGAIN until it works.


So dumb.
But I swear that is what I do. It's like the BRAIN is WIRED to avoid interaction with people if can help it. Truly realizing for all my decent social skills I kinda AVOID intereaction when I can help it. Not even realizing I am doing it.

So funny.

I mean why the hell did I just not call YESTERDAY or the Day before??

One of those days I finally navigated the unemployment site to the point of getting to the prompt where all is good, they have ALL they need and gave me an award of amt and I am at the point where have to enter my earnings each week ( if any) and file a weekly claim.

All this work knowing I made too much so far... BUT There MIGHT BE WEEKS where I don't make too much!

Alot of hoops. Maybe a return.

I am holding out to see -

as long as I can pay the mortgage and health insurance each month I am good. I can let other bills just pile up in hope of catching up ONCE employed
RATHER Than pull from a 401K and paying the tax hit

That is just a bad financial choice and I am trying to avoid it. I MIGHT HAVE NO CHOICE

but really I am determined not to dip into that if I can help it.

There is a new company managing the 401 K for the Retirement community staff. There is a black out period until Sept (I think?) I realize that I may be able to take out a LOAN from that to help out which would be tax free and a better move ( as long as I take out enough to also make payments on it for the next couple months!)

Considering that.
OK- It was a good day. I got set up in one site that give small businessess access to all the RFPs and RFQs out there. Connected with one awesome fellow former co worker and sad to hear for him that his project DID END. But he does need work. So next week my work will be to see if I can find anything to submit him for ! I might be able to land a contract with him providing support as my first employee. That would be sweet. The joy of owning a company IS creating jobs for others. I envisioned finding work FOR ME but if my work is finding work for others and taking my cut for managing the process and the contract- so be it.

That is still good work and hey I will do it well. I KNOW I do that kind of work well. I also have a really good sense of his skill set and what he is good at. Most of all he is just such a NICE MAN. He literally had a FIVE HOUR COMMUTE for that job where we worked together! So I am hoping to find him good work that is remote or closer to his home!
One step at a time!
Felt good about the step taken today to get registered in the system to see the RFPS!

AND I decided to splurge on the gas money to head to DC. My friend asked if I wanted to go see a show- live music. I said sure but OK if we just stay in too as he initially invited me to come over to spend time at his place with him, I suggested to go out not cause I was eager to go out but because so happens a musician I LOVE and follow happens to be playing DC tomorrow night. Tix $25 each so reasonable. My guy will graciously take me out... on him... so apprechiated. BUT he said no to that as it is a venue standing room only which is hard on him as he has some chronic back pain. He is rather amazing despite his back issues- he doesn't let that stop him. HE did have surgury a couple of years ago. I thought he might really enjoy the show and the musician I like to hear too! BUT he said no to that and found another nice show that is SEATED. I honestly kinda would rather stay in with him.

So we are going to just make dinner together and watch the METS game! Sounds like a great date night to me. I am more excited to watch the game! Looks like the Braves are giving a good game just now...
I think I am going to try to listen as I cook a late dinner. I worked until 5:30 setting up my access to the site then came home and wanted to marinate the chicken wings thawed before cooking them. Too bad raining or I might have fired up the grill.
In any case, so happy to now move the venmo money,knowing the mortgage payment will go through FINALLY ( Oh I am SURE they will re-pull the payment! HA They said they only would try TWICE last time but that was WRONG).

After I left the library I did also slurge a couple bucks on coffee at a local coffee shop where I worked and left a stack of my nice new business cards. Chatted with one dude and handed him my card. Heck have to start business development somewhere. Seemed worth it. Might pay off...
It also was a REALLY nice place to work and I found did help productivity! I think I should pick a different coffee shop to visit when we are out and about for medical appointments and drop off my cards at each one. Never know if someone will pick the card up and call... can't hurt! I also think the depressed teen who had the job interview But NEVER STARTED WORK YET as she NEVER WENT ONLINE TO COMPLETE THE APPLICATION... could use a change of scenery after her next Dr. appt. I think she has to be depressed at not following through on things it seems she SAYS she wants to do. I mean the job is hers if she takes the next step. I am trying to understand her state of being and have empathy. But truly I don't REALLY Get it. But trying to be patient and supportive. Maybe if I go to a coffee shop and pull up the site on line and HAND it to her she will be relaxed and not over think it and get it done??? Maybe she does need help even though she is always saying to leave her alone and it is not my business. I told all the kids yesterday YES IT IS MY BUSINESS as we are a family and I need you all to CARE ABOUT YOUR WHOLE FAMILY and I NEED YOU ALL TO PITCH IN WHEN AND HOW YOU ARE ABLE. I went off on how it is NOT unreasonable during this lull in my work to expect EACH of them to TRY To find some work they can do and it is NOT unfair for me to ask them to each TRY to contribute even a hundred or a couple hundred a month! I mean really now... They act like that is out of line. I tell them they are in La La Land and act privaledged. I said it is one thing when parents CAN AFFORD to earn all needed to provide for all BUT when all the kids are ADULTS in the home then it is FAIR and EXPECTED for ALL The ADULTS To be asked to contribute. I just don't get it that they wouldn't WANT To help out. The minute there is not a NEED for there help then I would be happy to have them all work and save to get ahead on THIER GOALS. BUT this is the thing- I don't hear of goals from the youngest. Not sure if she has any direction yet and THAT TOO is OK at her age of ABOUT to be 18. OH yeah she is still 17 for just a couple more weeks. ALMOST adulting! I really don't get it as my brothers and I all , And I MEAN ALL, even the autistic brother of mine who was socially awkward and had social anxiety , found jobs age 13 on. We all started out with a paper route, handed down sibling to sibling. We all helped each other out! One would get a job and then bring in the quirky shy brother to get him a job there too! I mean my autistic brother ALWAYS WORKED until he was a grown adult and then had some more severe challenges with his health and ability to get along in the world on his own. Living alone was not good for him. BUT HE DID IT. He worked as an accountant for years before we all realized he was much better of NOT working... well until he was out of work and it was apparent his social skills had spiraled and he was just so very different and it was HARD for him to maintain work. And then BECAUSE MY PARENTS COULD they got him support he neeeded and consulted with experts and followed the advise of just letting him live with htem and BE. So he has been doing that since. But the thing is HE TRIED. I don't get the NOT trying. He is different. Clearly autisic and quirky and yes it is hard to navigate in the world when so different. BUT HELL HE TRIED AT LEAST. I don't understand the not opting to TRY which is what I see in my kids. They gave up before they even began it seems and that is something I hope they snap out of. I mean at first my brother WAS HAPPY when he had his own apartment and was working as an accountant. For a while it was GOOD. I know how it goes. IT all really does depend on how welcoming the workplace is. OR rather if unwelcoming and abelist. He hit some kink and then it was no longer good. But again-- at least he did his best! Well off to cook and let go of worry about finances and the kids. I will get some work done in the AM on the last part of the porch. THEN will enjoy my Artist's Way group with the best ladies! AND THEN head to DC for my date night with my DC guy. Life may not be easy; but overall I do still think I am really fortunate and it is good. Growth is always painful. I am hoping this is just the pain of growth of my nascent company which I hope will emerge strong and grow solid! I am encouraged by the steps taken today; and the possibilty of helping someone else who I think the world of.

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