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2022-08-06 - 7:55 a.m.

It just occurred to me I actually completed the part time income section WRONG for VEC

I put down the rate I am billing my client

BUT FACT When running a company you have to deduct the ACTUAL EXPENSES before you pay yourself. The labor is in fact one of the expenses, but you don't account for it until SPEND as a company for it. AND when start your own business you don't get PAID until profitable!

I should have told my client I needed a higher rate of pay to support as a 1099.


I can renegotiate that next year if they keep leveraging me if I need to.

If I get other clients can let it be if I don't need more.

BUT Basically the business expenses are outweighing any profit now so



It is the investment of their own FREE Labor UNTIL They turn a profit.

So it is BS to record that payment from the company as my income yet.

It is not.


As it is going back into the business account and I am not going to have that cash flow.

NOT until I PAY MYSELF A disbursement.

And it is no way to run a company by paying a disbursement to an investor before being profitable.

I mean this is Business management 101

Other thought as I wake up is really looking foward to this week seeing what RFPs are out there for work my former co worker who is currently unemployed will rock! AND for me to. Maybe I can find a project we could work together on! We were a good team. What is intersting to me is I literally said- OUT LOUD to my coworkers years ago-

To the guy I worked with who was so kind and professional and just DECENT and being literallly abused by a toxic boss

"One day I am going to incorporate and get all set up so I can find you work and you won't have to commute five hours working for a toxic boss."

I am thinking of the other fellow who said I would be CEO one day and he wanted to work for me.( I am not making this up. He resigned as he could not handle that in that job we had LITERALLY NOTHING TO DO for weeks. He got super nervous and then landed another job closer to his home after a month. It was so weird to me too at the time to enter this space with so many employees doing so little! HA HA
After that first month when he left my work then did dramatically pick up and I became a valuable contributor. But it was funny how it was such a slow start. We were both befuddled at first by that company culture- the chill fin tech. He was joking calling me the boss the first few weeks as I looked around and TRIED to get a plan and organization for our project! HA HA We were a good team as we did have a deliverables we were collaborating on ( but it was like ONE that we knocked off in a couple hrs and then having done the work learned the secret there was LOOKING busy! HA HA I also realized later our boss knew the real work was coming but just wanted us to get our feet wet slowly! His replacement was not HALF as good as him! she literally was USED to the work culture of not working and worse she would only do anything the BOSS asked and had no inititve and no sense of teamwork and no collaboration and also was not as skilled and defensive and really HARD to collaborate with. She was let go by my boss after her short term contract was up- not on boarded to employee as others were! After I got through her defensiveness I did grow to LIKE her as a person. She just really wanted to do the bare minimum!! Her aunt worked at that company for years and I think she was more familiar with the attitude don't do too much or you get given more and more to do so best to keep you head low, do your job and go unnoticed to keep it chill!! HA HA Not a bad strategy if can do so quitely and still be seen as ADDING Value! HA But she added zero value. It was easier to do the shit yourslef than ask for her help with her defensiveness. I mean she would do ONLY What the boss asked. So when the hiring boss essentally transitioned managing the project to me she had this chip on her shoulder. And yeah I guess I AM bossy but usually in a team folks don't mind me and I don't rub them the wrong way but at first I clearly did rub her the wrong way! HA HA But after a while we did learn to like each other and even went out after work dancing and had a blast with another gal one time. We ended up working together fine but boy at first she was really hard to get to know and get along with. Once she opened up it was clear it was defensiveness based on insecurity. She was super nice as a person once I got to know her. Just not one to take inititive! There are some folks like that so they need the right job where there is enough to do that they can show up and stay in their lane and not take inititive but be valued. Problem in you also have to be willing to be a team player and not think hierarchically! She was a bit old school! In a project you have to work together and get it done and who is the "boss" is quite irrelevant!! For that kind of work it is more about what is most effective in getting it done! We were on the software build project and working on the requirements so there is not one RIGHT answer or one RIGHT way and we needed creativity and collaboration. I liked that gal but it was not a good fit for her personality.

I hate that companies don't value people enough to see if there is a role where they would be a good fit. That gal ran her own company as a dog groomer and was super creative making dog beds and at crafts. She made baskets and she took this desk job to earn money to try to land a brick and mortor store. Maybe it is a blessing the deal she was working on to lease fell through even though at the time she was disappointed! It was in the Anacostia DC neighborhood where she grew up. COViD likely would have made that even harder. She just was not into the work WE were doing but took the job to kick up her income to help her goals for her business.
She was actually the coolest chick once I got to know her! It was fun to hear about her business.
The thing is she did not show ANY ENERGY Or ambition when at our workplace! Cause she was working her other job in the mornings and afternoons- I mean she had clients starting at 6 am til 9 got into the office around 10 and then more clients from 5 to 9 at night. SHE WAS DOG TIRED literally. Once I knew all that about her I understood her attitude! HA HA
She was likely angry she had to resort to taking a desk job using her very basic accounting skills from an Associates she got years ago! ( Aunt totally hooked her up! HA HA She had just those two years of college and was not much of a student. )
I really enjoyed when I got to know her hearing her perspective- she would tell me "Tell your kids to engage in high school. I was just dropped out and barely there and honeslty it has been hard. I would have been so much better in life if I paid attention."

She obviously had ADHD and maybe a learning disability too. So school was HARD and WORK like we were doing was a challenge. So her only doing what the boss asked at first was a defense mechanism to protect sharing how hard it was. Once she was not afraid to be herself and share her limitations WE DID Work well together! HER WORK WAS SOLID! She may have had to work hard to get it done but she did it well.
I think her esteem was the biggest challenge for her being in this god awful cubicle in an office for so long each day! I mean she was a hands on OUTDOORS gal! HA HA

I got it.. once I got to know her.
She lived in in the city in the house she grew up in with her mother and was single in her young 30s; and had saved her money and bought a plot of land out in the boonies in VA on a lake and a camper and she would go out to the country when she could! She was the cool aunt who brought her neices and nephews out of the city with her for vacations.
She said her girlfriends thought she, a black gal from DC was CRAZY To love going ot that hick town! But I thought it awesome that she found what brought her joy. She even took the basket weaving classes out there with a bunch of old white women! HA HA HA

She loved telling those stories of her weekend escapades.

I WISH I had kept in touch with her !! JUST Personally

I did try at first but she didn't call back and at some point I lost her contact info. We did have a few chats at first

I know it is the ADHD thing in this case!
Bugging me I can't remember her business name. She had a beautiful web site and made these georgous dog beds. FANCY HA HA
for the princess puppies of the world

or personalized to order- Sports teamed themes one of her best sellers!
She got up to $400 for her fanciest dog beds which really were beautiful.

Well enough of the morning pages. Ot looks overcast but not yet raining so going to hit the porch with the power washer to finish the job. I would like to return that today on my way to DC cause have had it a few weeks and I feel like my friend, who has his winery on the market may have need for it! He power washed one section of back of his barn where the winery is... but there is more I think he may need to do to!!

I took the AC out of my car and it was so heavy and RUSTy and YUCKY I just did not even want it in my house. I left it on lawn as couldn't move it further in the moment. Just not enough energy then. I flipped it over so the mechanism part that is indoors was no the part being rained on- so the rain would be hitting the side directly and also oriented so the bigger vents not on top to catch ALL the water.

And there were these little critters all over it when I flipped it over-
and not sure WHAT THE HECK those were- if FLEAS or something else from the LAWN? OR if they were in the thing..
but hell no that was not coming even into my foyer in the interim before cleaning the heck out of it.

When I stopped by the winery and was telling him how I was worried about the mold

AND that no wonder he was feeling sick and lethargic the past few years- breathing that mold from his AC could not have HELPED his health....

( HE said " I haven't been tired" in his good old fashioned denial way... and I said "Come on now you were a couple of years ago and thought you had to have caught COVID and were lethargic for months not sure what was wrong! Not now... but I cant imagine if you had some immune thing going on that the mold HELPED.")

He gave me moldx
I read the label and indeed it is the Ammonium sulfate! The one chemical the mold remidiation experts we hired for the farm house said WORKS on actually killing mold. The one that USED to be in clorox spray can but I can't find anymore.(The can kind that USED to be next to the Lysol cans!)

So I know that is the shit that works. I will clean with the cleaning vinegar and then wipe down with that.

IF I have energy to move the darn thing to the backyard- that is a back yard project.

I have about three hours to get done what I can!

In any case-I can't recall his last name! He was a REALLY good data analyst! I would love to find him as his skills are complementary to mine ( I am a shitty data analyst HA HA)- and if he needed work I would be happy to see if he wanted to send me his resume to see what is out there for him. I know we kept
touch at first but I am really bad at that...

That is the hardest part about thinking of my business development. I haven't kept in touch with some of the really good people I enjoyed working with who SAID they enjoyed working with me!

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