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2022-08-17 - 8:49 a.m.

Yeah! The trash guys picked up the AC unit. That is a relief!
I just brought out the household trash I had not yet bagged up. They were here at 7 AM sharp and picked up trash. Recycles still at the curb for their second round.

I hope they also do a quick round for any trash brought out AFTER 7AM! (I think they often do?)

Will see-
if that last garbage bag I put out is not picked up I will put it in the can in the backyard and pray no visiting racoons come.

Fun fact- I went on a lovely hike with the one teen .So yes she DID GET OUT OF THE HOUSE Once this summer! (Other than for the job interview and to get allergy shots)

She actually had a really fun time too! We both did.
I may have already written about this- I forget and do that. Simply as write stream of consciousness so sometimes repeat...

Leila has been retired so I don't want to call her too early - let folks sleep in! I know sometimes she gets tired and needs her rest. I figure 9:30 or 9:45 to codify plans will do.

Oh but the fun fact I learned on the moonlight hike from the guides who were quite knowledgable. (One had an environmental studies degree, the other a degree in music. HA A young good looking sax player. Who of course needed a job and with the music degree a Parks Dept job makes as much sense as any. I think more folks should seek active work outdoors for as long as they can afford to and more should avoid the false trap of professional jobs being BETTER. Sure they pay more but is your quality of life really BETTER if you spend 40 hrs a week or more in a cubicle?? I just don't get it when young people take those jobs... I mean Wait til you HAVE TO....)

So the fun fact is that the sceaming crying like sound that happens at night is not from cats
or cayote

but FOXes!!

YES the FOX is the animal that makes a blood curling baby like scream from the woods at night!

That popular song just got it wrong...
it is not a cute sound.

sometimes however almost estatic- like the sound of an animal in heat in throughs of orgasm

I have often wondered is it was a GOOD sound or a BAD sound as it is often really hard to tell

Sometimes it just sounds like a distessed baby crying I mean so close to the cry of a baby that is is scary sounding.

So I was surprised to learn , and surprised in all these years living in the country or near enough to it- with woods behind me now to find out it is the well known Virgina Red FOX who is so noisy at night waking us all up.

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