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2022-08-22 - 1:41 p.m.

Darn my professional membership has lapsed. I am not going to renew it until I get paid for the work done for my one client.
I sent the invoice-
it is net 30 so don't expect to see the money immediately. They have til Sept 4th to pay

Just bugs me as I need to renew it ASAP.

BUT mortgage and household bills are priority and that will come out of the business expenses.

ALSO the phone I had set up that was dedicated for use for my old employer ( that they paid for) ALSO has lapsed.

Not inappropriate- I mean I am no longer an employee-so the dedicated line used for all the business OF THAT CLIENT SHOULD have technically been shut down when I am not in the role of Director for that company.

BUT the thing is , for the low cost of $25 ( which in past when employee EXPENSED them....

STILL could be shifted to my Company and used soley in support of them as my own company client just now!)

that would not be inappropriate considering still providing them support.

So that contact # is on every contract I signed for them in the past year and a half.

BUT I am not the primary poc
so they have the CEO and CFO contact and others to be in touch with-
as the CFO is the person who needs to respond now.

So its not an awful thing that phone lapsed.

BUT I want to turn it back on - just in case someone calls the number OR at least put a message
" Please contact the CFO if calling about XXX business..." then leave HER contact #

I had no intention of shutting off that phone.

It just lapsed and it is bugging me that line is off...

YET I am not going to shift the $25 to pay it UNTIL

the invoice for work done gets paid.

OR all my other bills go through without issue AND I then ALSO PAY the SEPT mortgage.

I mean when money is tight I want to pay the mortgage first.

So it feels silly to be afraid to spend freaking $25 for the business line

BUT I am no longer an employee.....

and it was used only in that capacity

So it makes sense as no longer an employee that phone deactivated.

I should not stress it so much. My consulting contract has my ACTUAL business line. NOT The one dedicated for that company.

and the CFO who is point of contact had my contact info ( as do all the other employees)


I mean I just worry someone will try to use that old number and not reach me and I could miss some opportunity

Like the CEO or the VP or someone else...

YET at the same time the only POC I have been asked to engage with is the CFO. She instructed she would send me all work. We email.

It just worrys me that phone lapsed. Feel like for $25 it is a good investment to be availble if the CEO or other VP wants to reach me as they used that #....

But I honestly have to wait...

Mortgage priority. And gas money to get to and from the college to move in the student there.

So holding off on these business investment costs.

and need a client first. So going to local coffee shops and putting cards up.
One has a bulliten board with free coffee kind folks buy for others. I used the one today without shame and goal to talk to at least 3 people here to tell of my company!

Pushing self to do that. HAVE TO!!! I am now still sitting here at the lovely local coffee shop. I finished my coffee and moved to sit outside. I so far only gave the 5 min elevator pitch of my company to one person. Two more to go before I call it a day of business develpment here in this space. I bet two more follks will emerge I can be friendly to in the next hr if I just linger here on the pretty porch. Patience along with persistance is necessrary to build a business. And talking to people. YUP can't just work from home if expect business to grow! My next step when have some income received includes- besides the phone paid and professional org membership renewal The PKI access to see opportunities ( need secure log in for that); AND Then make nice Marketing FOLDERS that I can hand deliver when walking buisness to business. I do believe in that old fashioned meeting folks where they are at and letting know of what services are offered. It works for phamecutical companys, and real estate agents, and insurance agents. I have seen all those make nice folders with marketing presentations- oh and the retirement community I work at! I should have done that FIRST! Heck I INTENDED To and had not lost the actual job would have done that next. I just don't have the money yet.. but in next month once paid for the little bit of work done I will. The money earned last month is going right back into the business expenses. It won't be PROFIT yet- so won't pull a salary that can go to household bills. BUT AFTER The marketing cost; and the phone turned back on that got shut off, and pay for ADOBE ( Oh yeah my $14.99 month past due!) ; AND Business Insurance! (OH yeah that is #1 priority actually) - I hope to get a ROI and THEN another client and then can pull a disbursement/salary of some actual income. I really hope to land one or two new clients this week. Seriously , even a little bit of work. I am searching for the phone number of the CEO who sent me a really enthusiastic supportive message and said she DEFINATELY Would reach out and seek support from me! I Trust that was meaningful and need to reach out to her and set up time to talk and find out if any needs currently. I DO HAve a business development call tomorrow with a company scheduled. So there are some things being worked on. I hope to get something to grow.. SOON.

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