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2022-09-23 - 9:31 p.m.

I guess I really needed to vent about that VEC as when came back on that was not what I intended to write about! NO
I came on to share this-

I wanted to ensure it was not phishing scam and do some research before I click ANY links sent to me in an email from the recruiter or seeming to come from a large well known corp.
I was carefully looking at the email to see if legit.

I honestly didn't like the sentence construction of the email and thought it could be phishing.

This is also the head hunter who was pushing for my month and day of birth and I was saying NO Sorry make something up for your system. I am not providing that until offer and legitimate confirmation of hire with reputable company.

Heck no... just no you don't need my personal info.

Flat out refused to give last four digits of social security #.

BUT the fact they ASKED for info like that made me not trust the staffing agency,

AND so want to be sure this is REALLY actual AI and whether it is safe to even go with a digital AI screening.

Honestly I am inclined to not.
I mean I think it is bullshit and it doesn't make me at all interested in working for the large company that is using headhunters then AI to screen for consultants that are not their employees.

I may have set up a business to work as a consultant.
But that is only so I can control my rate per hour and curate clients that will pay me what I am worth in the market
AND this is the kicker
With goal of CUTTING OUT the middle man.

That is my goal

Get paid for my direct labor.
I KNOW I am worth more if I cut out the nonsense middle man taking a cut.

And I am bitter about this whole shift of devaluing labor over the years. We have eroded many of the gains of protections for workers. We have had a shift from employees with decent living wages and retirement and pension plans.

Pension is an unheard of word in corporate job offers today.

The push for consultants has been driven by greed of corporations; desire for profit; desire to reduce operational overhead and costs and increased their gain. The agenda is really clear.

I am so opposed to the erosion of protection of workers
YET at the same time

I do not want to be working 50 hour weeks every again.


The only way that will be realistic for me is if I take a couple part time jobs that I can do very efficiently and get paid a higher rate per hour than I can make in a full time role.

That is clear to me. I know this. So I have to keep holding out to find what I need.

Beacuse i can not be working at 9:40 pm each Friday night!!

When I am in a full time job for a company that is what I end up doing.

This will be the anomoly.

This is what happened with respect to my tasks this week BUT I ALSO had a whole day of vacation where I took my kid to the beach mid week! SO this is acceptable as it was due to taking that time off that I am not playing catch up!

YES this is the life I will create! I will curate work that allows me to take a day off mid week to go to the beach with my kids once in a while!

I am not feeling it regarding the company using the AI algorithms and paying less than others are considering for my skill set. Just not feeling it...

I have better prospects for my own company to pick up clients than that.

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