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2022-09-24 - 12:43 p.m.

I am disappointed I am sneezing and it feels like it might be a cold. I am going to take a rapid test since have one more here just in case.

I also should not go to work even with light cold symptoms so decided to now call and see if anyone around that can go in for me. Stinks to think of missing work due to a mild cold but when work with old people that matters.
A mild cold could kill an old person.
They just can't fight infection and it really is pneumonia caught after a common cold that does so many old folks in.

That and falls. Falls seem to precipitate the break down of the body immune system. Bad falls for some reason. It like the body is focused on healing the wound of the fall and it can't also then have eneough hutzpa left to fight off other things if and older person catches anything.
That is the pattern. An older person has a fall and then their health declines in other respects.

OK I had to just think this through as it is so early on in a cold phase but this morning was sneezing. At first was not sure if just allergies cause I pulled out a Fall sweater that had been sitting in the closet. But now after a couple hours up it is pretty clear I caught a mild cold.

I had gone outside and thought maybe messing with the charcoal exaspterated allergy symptoms. But when I get allergies after a little while they clear up. Also the telltale sign of allergies for me is an itchy throat and eyes and this is different-

YUP mild cold symptoms of sneezing but then a bit of wheezing feeling in lungs. I used my albuterol inhaler for the first time in a while.

DANG only an hour and a half before work and I am calling to see if anyone can cover. Just to be safest. AND I am scheduled the next two days as well. I have the day shift on Monday.

Bad timing. If had to catch a cold wish it was on the days off! Not when in the middle of the weekend scheduled on! I am only scheduled every other week for the most part ( with the occassional extra Mon or Fri shift I picked up so the full time gal can have off).

Off to make calls. I just took the at home COVID test I have and it shows negative.
I just think even if mild better to protect others. Even if it is a PIA for me Oh and church cancelled in person tomorrow due to a Covid outbreak. I am glad I have been consistently masking when going even though almost everyone else but our pastor and the music minister have stopped. We are the three with masks on. And the music minister caught COVID anyway. Sheesh Such is life as we know it. Church on line only tomorrow. I do apprechiate our pastor who is vigilant in her concern for others about this.

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