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2022-10-06 - 9:34 a.m.

Thinking I should have sent Thank you Notes to the interviewers-
Will get this done this morning.

YES good reminder- just reviewed to see it is not too old school.

I used to ALWAYS do this.

But truth be told I also did not used to land many interviews. I got to the point in my career that getting interviews is easy but landing the role is harder as I am holding out for adequate compensation for my skill set, experience and truth be told NEEDS based on where I live. Living in one of the most expensive (wealthiest) counties undoubtedly informed what I ask for and look for as far as compensation.

So I got out of the habit of sending thank you notes; likely correlating with me not really caring if I land any particular job typically-
I mean typically I am not EXCITED about the kind of corporate work I am interviewed for. I get interviews cause recruiters calling me. I am not gung ho with enthusiasm typically but more like "OK God if this is what called to do for time being... so be it."
Kinda "Whatever" if I land it great if not I am non attached and have no care really.

BUT this one opportunity feels so very different. I WANT This job. I think the company has integrity and is so smart and is truly motivated to change our world to help others AND is in that large corporate space to influence.

I mean it is exactly what I HOPED to find and thought was going to be hard to find so I keep looking. If I can break into this particular role I can thank my Verizon experience and all I learned there, as well as the subsequent work I have been fortunate to land. I really am thankful for all the spaces I have worked and been able to contribute to a mission that was valuable and does good work in the world.

So my laizze fair don't really give a fuck go with flow what is to be will be
attitude may not have served me as well as if I was more proactive and THOUGHT About thank you notes.

And I also got to the point where I am like "fuck it" about worry about having to pull from the 401K. That shift hit me when I wanted to go get ice cream WITH MY TEEN NOW
and thought
what is the use of money for retirement if I never spend time doing some things for the kids NOW when I have time and can enjoy time with them?
The shift happened as I told my kid to pick paint and get her room decorated to HER LIKING.
(Not done yet as she is now re-thinking the bold orange paint to accent one wall. She is thinking TOO bold and might be too much with rest of walls white. She is also procrastinating...
I am going to prime and if she wants to change mind we will go get more paint and I suggested pick a color that orange will complement, and we could always paint some accent in the orange. Like some decorative pattern; trim; the window frame etc...)

*I think it is a lovely color AND it matches her comforter and would look fabulous personally. I had no involvement in picking that paint but like it! But the point is she makes the room her own so I am going to stay out of her decision!

I will put the primer down today however and encourage her to be decisive and follow through. I just wish this kid was awake now as would have been getting this done!! But she is not an early bird EVEN when went to bed early. ( Although I believe she was up late last night!)

So I enjoyed the TV time but truth be told it contributed to me falling asleep later. I watched a few episodes! (Not quite done with Season 1)
AND in contributed to me sleeping in and not really being efficient this AM. I guess the bummer is I am TIRED Today.
I thought it would help me relax and rejuvenate. I think TV does not work for me to do that. This is likely why I am not a TV watcher.
I do not feel refreshed.

SLEEP works way better! I had napped in the afternoon as was exhausted but likely had gone to bed at 8 or 9 honestly could have just crashed then and there! I KNEW I was too tapped to be productive...
but honestly to bed early was something I needed consistently (if not working! In high school I worked 4-9 or 10ish. I think I got home 10 or 11 - forget now ; but I was the so called assistant front end manager of a LI Grocery store where the pot head actual front end manager was always MIA. Stoner Bill was so chill and great to work with cause I never minded him staying out of my way while I did his job! HA HA That is just so accurate.... I mean he was so stoned all the time.)

I am just kinda procrastinating as going into the retirement community where there is the vaccination clinic and want to time it right. Its like I can't be really productive QUICKLY this AM. My brain too tired for that. I have to write these than you notes...

I don't want to go too early as they are inoculating residents so like to head in a bit later when they do these clinics. Try to wait as they pace when folks come in. Too early it will be busy and I will have to wait ( or will help get residents in there!) Later better. I feel like residents and full time staff are priority and since I am every other weekend I SHOULD be last! (Honestly its the medical triage thinking... so I usually show up later! JUST IN case they are short in supplies sent. That does happen sometimes!)

DANG OK will be gentle with myself. I am still TIRED. Will write notes TODAY... or TOMORROW.
That is more realistic.
Cause after I get my shot I have to run kids to two medical appointments.

I was just tapped out last night and unfortunately STILL am this AM. already ate some oatmeal and walked the dog and STILL tired.

So after the appointments we will come back and THEN I can attack my to do of VEC and job hunting and thank you notes to get out.
There is the plan.
OK lingered enough.. maybe enough residents got their shots in the first two hours and the inoculation clinic won't be a madhouse now.

* looks like I forgot to save! Already turned out to be a productive morning! I made it to the clinic and had a super short wait and got my shots. It was so much faster than previous times. Then I headed to a print shop to get a quote for notecards with my company logo. The local shop works quickly!
Better late than never...
Going to pick up some cards and send those thank you notes as soon as they are done!
Stopped at the local coffee shop where kind people buy coffee and post the sleeves for others. Got an iced coffee kindly donated by someone for "A single mom or dad."
And now getting some work done for the next hr before medical appointments!
See what happens once start moving...

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