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2022-11-18 - 9:09 p.m.

I just had an absolutely awful realization.

I basically let go of concern that my kid's fucker parent claimed her on his taxes, even though the kid lives with me and her asshole father can't even fucking pay for a pair of glasses for her and all he DOES do is add her to his family plan for health insurance and take her out for a meal and company once in a while.

We did not have water for two weeks and STILL his two kids chose to remain here rather than go stay with their Dad.

BUT now as one just completed the FAFSA
and I was saying
"At the end there is a question-
Do you want to create ANOTHER FAFSA for ANOTHER student in the family"

SAY YES And add your sister's name and info PLEASE

as that is the way the site USED to work.

That simple yes and info saves going through the whole painful process twice.

The kid was like "No , she can do it herself. She is not applying to college"

I asked the youngest "Are you applying?"
I said "You might as well get that FAFSA Done and at least apply to __X school"
(the school she has expressed interest in.)

She answered "That is the only school I am applying to."
I asked "So do you want me to have the FAFSA completed if they have the question?"
She said

Her older sibling was incorrect on what she would want.

HOWEVER I just realized with awful sadness for the kid

She is apparently not on my tax return as was bumped from it techinically since already was on her Dad's

and her financial aid info is now likely tied to his income, not mine who she actually lives with and who supports her.

HIS Fucking quarter million dollar plus income.

Selfish bastard he is

Is he intending to pay for college for her?

That would be nice.

But I would not count on it.

And he fucking just made it seem impossible for the kid who already was not applying to college as she said " You can't afford it"
and I have been saying "Apply anyway! You don't KNOW THAT I am TRYING To get a new job and I might have the income by then; and you should get good financial aid as my income WAS lower last year. "

But Good Fucking Lord
Pulling tax return for her social security

This kid is not going to get a fucking cent in financial aid.

Her Dad basically has fucked her opportunity for affordability for college in his selfishness.

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