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2022-11-21 - 12:27 p.m.

Glad one kid told me of their plan to go off to college.

They picked a really beautiful part of the county and I think it sounds fabulous.

Problem is their plan is for a West Coast school. They said they only applied to that college.

So much for being open to considering other options on the East Coast.

This is the kid who picked University at Buffalo school of Engineering a couple years ago to my surprise- which would be So EASY As that is school that is a reasonable drive back and forth.

Heck anywhere in an 8 to 10 hr drive is OK by me. That is a large circumference.

But the Westernmost part of the U.S.?

That is a couple thousand A YEAR in plane tix unless the kid gets a car and drives out there and is completely on their own.

All the power to the kid if they have the motivtation and ability to make that happen.
But the thing is, if wanted to go off to college far away I would think ability to get a job and earn money to live off would be a goal.

I mean I wanted to go away to college. So I got a job and worked my butt off to save every penny to go away to college. I understand that! I understand not wanting to have your parents involved in your decision for your life.
I get that.
But to set up where would be without any other supports?

When have a chronic illness and can't work ?

I mean that makes no sense.
It would be different if actually CAN physically do work and it is realistic to work butt off at multiple jobs to earn income to live. I was able to do that when young. I worked from age 14 on. I was at the church rectory at 14 and had a paper route and babysat. I gave up the babysitting job and rectory job as soon as old enough to work at the local supermarket as a cashier.
I worked hard and saved every penny but for the Friday pizza slices and Sat morning Bagel at the bagel shop so I could go off to college.

But to want to go off to college but say can't physically handle a job-

well I don't know how that is possibly going to be feasible for this kid.

I mean I am still paying off the loan for the attorney hired to help this kid graduate.

So I think it frankly a bit unrealistic of a plan. Logistically it is not going to be easy to work out.

ESPECIALLY with no help on one's own.
BUT This kid does have family.

If they get in I will call out the troops and see what kind of family support can rally and help make it happen.
Happy the kid wants to go to college at all!
If they do get it in and it can be figured how to make it happen that would be fantastic.

Heck a West Coast school would be a nice adventure I am sure.
Truth be told it is a state I have hiked in and its one of the most beautiful areas I have ever been.
So hope that it does work out for this kid!

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