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2022-11-18 - 9:30 p.m.

On other news it was fun that prior to completing the FAFSA for the college bound ( I hope) 20 yr old,
I enjoyed a Friday night zoom call with my Buffalo college peeps. You know, it was a good night to convene as figured some might be home tonight.

Good guess : )

Report was 4.5 feet were shoveled by one friend to get to the vents in his house where he has a generator and something else set up ( fridge maybe? supplemental hot water? Forget) to run . It needs venting to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning so today's task was to prepare just in case they get MORE snow and/or have loss of power.

It is rather amazing to see storms hit Buffalo simply as the contrast is amazing compared to other cities/states.
One friend was delighted to find a Tim Hortons open where she drove to get her coffee fix!
(Apparently Tim Horton's really does have higher caffeine content than most coffee in Canada or the U.S.) That is a serious addiction if braving storm to get out for your coffee.( Although she surely went later in day after roads cleared. That is the thing- they clear road so much faster there than anywhere else. Folks all shovel consistenly THROUGH the storm so they are not removing it all after feet have piled up,
When it snows you go out in the midst of the storm and keep shoveling every couple hours.

Folks don't all stay inside either. I mean when emergency declared most will- but that means off the roads, not off their feet! They will put on their boots and those things you attached to boots to walk in snow, or skis and folks gather and visit with neighbors as all are shoveling and snow blowing and a few local bars are intentionally prepared to stay open.

Instagram story by Essex Street Pub:

"Storm Coming
So we will be open til 4am every day!"

It got a few laughs, but it is in fact also true!
No lie- the bars in Buffalo are hopping much later than most cities.

Its a unique place.
Bar and church on every corner. Folks drink til wee hrs. then hit a diner for early AM meal ( I mean the best Greek food ever is served between 3AM and 8AM in a few key spots); and on Sunday mornings some then go to Mass before going home to sleep.

I think I heard Barcelona is the other city that happens.
Sans the snow.

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