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2022-12-19 - 11:45 a.m.

@Post office and noticed the kiosk for convenience does not offer anything other than priority mail in my area. Not a bad idea for making up a budget shortfall however not customer friendly.
I hopped in line as sending package to me niece going with the 12 Days of Christmas 🎄 theme. She can open her gift 🎁 from her Aunt on Three Kings Day.
Nah, not paying $12 something for a small package I guess $3 or $4 to send ground.

Productive AM. I also have work to do this afternoon but plan to knock it off very quickly and deliver before 5. Simplify notes from a informative session asked to attend. Managing my time as I value myself and don't believe in impostor syndrome. I honored the agreement for this client of 10 hrs a week. So doing the notes and billing 4 time spent attending the session today.

Still will have underbilled slightly but I take that as by choice do deliver the quality I wanted. Could have delivered "good enough" and left a low risk item without calling out what I know is better language but that never sits right with me. So I feel compelled to do the research and really did deep and give best option with caveat can choose to accept edits to present or accept greater risk and go with next best, good enough. Honestly every negotiation is like every shopping decision. You can pay for higher quality with greater assurance now or go with a cheaper option for what works now and hope no issues and wint be addressing something again later and paying more again.

Reminds me that if I has the money I might just be tempted to get one of those damn crazy expensive vacuumes once I know have picked up every last bit of the dicideaus earth pesticide dust I found I was still finding as I wiped down the molding behind my bed. Damn that has been a PIA as it has sure killed possible pests but three vacume motors at this point. 25% to 30% cost of industrial vacume was spent on the three cheaper disposable models. I have to research and see if there is a model that can handle small particles. If land hood job that is on my wish list.

I am finally excited to decorate. Almost done with ceiling. Not bad looking bit today will do the last sanding ( bought better sanding block) and paint it.

If not today tomorrow afternoon.

I do work the next couple days at the Covid hot spot so do need to minimize contact at home with kids best can. Hope test negative on 23rd as my guy wants to come cook Christmas Eve dinner with me.

My one kid will still be recovering from wisdom teeth pull. A key reason for big family 👪 celebration on Feast of Epiphany rather than 🎄 with her and siblings home. Oh snap. To edit real time after helped. 😆 🤣 😂 as the package was $11.50 ground! Sent it for $12.75 Priority Mail after all. My guess of cost way off.

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