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2022-12-31 - 10:49 a.m.

I just awoke. This is the longest I have slept in in I can't even remember how long!

I was up late as after just chilling watching stupid TV ( I made it through a few of the first episodes of Legends and fell asleep after I think third one...dozed....)

I then paid bills.

My tenant had given me the rent check.

So I took care of mortgage payment. (OK not bills... that is an exaggeration. BILL)

I moved all the money to one account and set up the mortgage payment to go through in a couple days after the check and all transferred into that one account clear.

AND I also did go on AirBNB and was shocked to find a REALLY good hotel room in Times Square for $100 for the one night my one kid is picking me up to bring me to a Broadway show as my Christmas gift.

I had said I would look and see if I could afford one.

I then told her it was out of budget.

BUT I realized driving back and forth to see a show in ONE DAY would be kinda shitty for her.

I mean she has to work the rest of the week after taking the two days off.

So Staying overnight much better.

I had told her I would find parking as Spot Hero DOES work well in NYC.

It is shitty in DC ( as so many of the DC garages don't actually exist anymore as functional businesses- even if still THERE. They were shady or questionable or clearly closed...)

The good thing about NYC is there are THOUSANDS of reviews of garages and it is clear they are legit with recent reviews.

So apparently RIGHT AFTER New Year's it is easy to find a hotel in NYC as everyone else just came into town for the holidays and just left!

Lucky for us.

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