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2023-01-04 - 7:28 p.m.

There are some interesting people in this world.

I am fascinated when I meet interesting people who tell me their story and it is so almost unblieveable

that I then fact check.

And I find it even MORE fascintating when I either

a) CONFIRM veracity


b) find evidence otherwise

I met some interesting characters over the years. One was a local mom I met at a few different schools when our kids were there.

One was at a private school-
where my oldest two were involved in a program

I have distinct memory of socializing and relly hitting it off with this lady.

THEN I later encountered her with hearing the wild story of her divorce from a really weathy husband.

They had lived in Middleburg and I met her at one of the fanciest, most expensive and highly esteemed private schools that drew the upper class Middleburg and actually DC kids--
DC families who had Middleburg Summer homes
but would send there kids out there to private school.

I mean this is real wealth. Wealth of the rich families- names you have heard of as they own THINGS
LOTS of things

And this woman had this super rich hubby CAUSE


as she told the story HE single handedly got involved in some criminal enterprise...

I wont talk of that.

Other than to say

The story was so ridiculously outlandish

And I found it barely credible this seemingly smart lady was CLUELESS

until in the thick of it on one hand

BUT On the other after the craziness I married into I also found it highly possible she was honest as the day is long and terribly naive

BUT The thing I thought AMAZING and admired about her

Was he smarts and resiliance

and I met her LATER

drinking in a bar - her not me. I just stopped in and shared companion ship with her a her co worker- who actually by then was HER EMPLOYEE

as she told me of how she reinvented herself after her divorce to the no good criminal

AND she walked all over town looking for a job ANY FUCKING JOB to make some money
and walked into the construction company office where they said


and she said


I will work hard for you.


So she learned masonry and worked along with the rest of the crew. Until after a few years they also then had her manage the office...

and she honed her skills

eventually she just incorporated

and learned the BID PROCESS

and as a small women owned won a freaking bid on a LARGE Project for a city in VA

and by then she had already worked with all the best fucking masons in the area

WAS ABLE TO HIRE a killer crew to get it done!

I mean she made a freaking killing on this absolute BEAUTIFUL project.

I mean it was a contract for millions.

And she was able to still live on the swanky property and raise her kid

Who went on to do these fucking amazing things

like weirdly overachiever rich kid things, something like climb Mt Everest for fundraising for some org?
Something seriously like that... I can't find any confirmation of the details but that is what i recall. Freaking trying to get my kids to walk to school without complaint and her kids way of dealing with trauma is to be an overachiever type A doing insanely impressive but also somewhat concerning things for a teen...

Like then I LATER ran into her at an end of year high school pool party YEARS LATER
where I was like

WTF are you doing here? YOUR KID and mine are in the same class now? YEAH the kid by then no longer attending swankly expensive private school BUT transferred into the normal local high school...
was nowhere NEAR a typical kid.

I just always got some vibe that no matter how much I LIKED This gal -

the red flag to STAY AWAY AND NOT PERSUE a friendship was strong.

I don't know what made me think of her tonight.

I suppose it is cause for therapy I got a questionaire about my history.


That is such a loaded question.

I just didn't know where to begin with some of the questions

So just started at the beginning.

"What brings you here? What is the immediate challenge issue you want help with"

So that is kinda easy.
how to help my kids without enabling them
how to help without being abelist
how to help without taking on their responsibilities


How to stay sane and set my own healthy boundaries of NOT BEING ABUSED and not accepting abuse
with any bullshit excused from my now adult kids.


But then there was very specific question on marital history.

SO I suppose it was in actually forgetting dates and needing to find them
so I go to the handy dandy easiest place to remind me of my own personal timeline:


Yeah I look for the public records of my own history when I need facts.


I think its kinda funny.

BUT THEN I have to admit I was wondering about her and I think her history - the story she told ME Of he history
and it was honestly the craziest divorce story I heard next to my own

We were like trauma bonding over the crazy ex husband stories!

OH And over the beer she and her co worker shared....
this is the funny part

That company she worked as a mason for? THAT Was after HER divorce and a couple years after mine-
and that co worker, then her employee
was one of the masons who worked on the renovation of MY Martial home way back when my marriage started unraveling and my 2nd husband pretty much went psycho.

I mean it was in the middle of all this masonry work of repointing existing stone and building NEW stone wallls to match to create a massive extension on the old mid 1800s Quaker built home.

And my husband lost it and acted nutty with the masons

In particular he had gotten into it with THIS particular mason- later HER employee

they were pretty tight as co workers

That dude was like "OH MY GOD! YOU SURVIVED !! Can I buy YOU a drink"

I was like
"no thanks"
and listened as he told his war stories of his perception of working for crazy...

I mean he and the masons thought my Ex was nuts.

They ended up having disagreement as he did not like the quality of work and made them redo parts...
I mean they did redo as I recall

BUT they thought he was fucking nuts, OCD and a perfectionist

He thought they did shoddy shitty work and they should have known better to not have the GRADE appropriate so water would run off a porch area and not pool and create damage
so he made them rip out a porch without the appropriate grade and re-do it
in my recollection

I mean he probably was not WRONG that they did not do it well enough to not have long term damage prevented

but his addressing issues was never diplomatic.

And I think the deficiency was not apparent til they were done and expended time, labor and materials that he insisted they rip out and re-do or he was refusing to pay....

something l like that

and I just recall there was a fight verbal and it was hot and looked like it could get physical but someone intervened between this hot headed construction worker and my hot headed then husband

It was ugly

And so when I ran into that dude it was kinda ironic how he was happy to tell his war story

and I was just like
listening and saying
"No thanks" to the drink offer...
but then she told me MORE of her crazy life story and how it had played out.

OK all this to say

I at some point, when job hunting, figured she is a bit sus

I mean there is something so outlandish and maybe it is true about her story

but also might be nonsense

and EVEN IF every bit of her story IS TRUE there were enough red flags that I was not keen on keeping in touch
and when folks were running background checks and seeing all my friends and who I associate with thought...

MMMM..... NAH... just NAH
she is an acquaintence I don't know enough about and don't trust. And my INSTINCT Tells me should not trust... something is off....


I got curious

Did a search

and find it both hilarious and also not surprising...
I MEAN last when I WAS in touch she had moved to Colorado and had opened a construction business THERE.

SO this is the funny part.

Found a local paper who interviewed her about her LATEST BUSINESS

A Cannibus farm in Colorado.

AH yes. That seems just up her ally. I am not surprised.

What is hilarious is this rich gal. I mean like was married into WEALTH but also clearly had HER OWN MONEY
and I think her own family money was also out west

OR the divorce happened

but the Dad is still not really gone? I mean on paper?
But her EX may have had a place in Colorado in some rich area and her kid would go back and forth. The rich folks who ski for fun all the time in Aspen crowd. YEAH it was Aspen.

I mean she moved her to Aspen
where she stared her own construction company and had posted about the georgous house built there.

So random search find the local interview

and what is hilarious is in the interview she makes NO MENTION Of the past life in VA
She was here for 15 to 20 years. Its like in the interview she pretended she was in Colorado from 1989 onward.

And the interview mentions how she is a dead head.


and how at a dead show she ran into an old friend

who just happened to have come out of a federal prison for-
growing cannibas

Which is now legal in Colorado

SO they are the latest local new business owners.


I find it both predictable and also a bit funny in its own way.

I never knew her well and just didn't feel like it was gonna serve me if I ever had to have a background check having her pop up on my friend's list.

OH I just read the local paper. HA I didn't look at title at first.

The Aspen Times!

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