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2023-01-24 - 12:10 p.m.


ADHD moment of the day

I am reading lines, practicing and trying to figure out how to pull out emotion and embody a histrionic teenager that cries ( for a part learning) for this theater piece I am happy to get to be in.

It is being done by me just for sheer fun of it.

I didn't ask if actors get paid. I don't care. It is with a group of folks that create theater and have done this for years in my local area. Some are REALLY GOOD.

while being FUNNY

and decided , marketing the event might be a good idea

after reading articles and listening to accents for days.

I have a part in a reader's theater and play a couple different folks

So want distinct accents.

(Total aside - one character is a California gal. I was thinking maybe Valley Girl

Friends loved Shitt's creek and suggested watch and listen to the one character in that of the daughter - but that was made in CANADA?? Not sure the daughter they are encouraging me to listen to for her accent a good idea...
as example of California accent/Valley girl accent to hear..)

Anyway I couldn't find the show on Netflix so last night watched a couple Stranger Things episodes instead when awoke by the dog and an awake teen in the middle of the night.

I fell asleep reading the script; then awoke and watched the show and then went back to sleep to get up at 9 and start my day.

Did some job hunting.
Pulled W2 from old employer.

Had a recruiter interview for 30 min.

YES, go ahead and submit me.... the job is remote but another than came to me that happens to be in a city that I have a couple friends that either live or work in so even if I have to commute once in a while that is a perk.

SO I am working on being dramatic-- increasing emotion in delivery, learning how to cry but then ALSO learning how to TURN OFF the emotion and shift gears for the next scene
(That is actually something I found challenging in the last read through. I mean I nailed getting emotional and crying as needed. The director gave me some direction to be more emotional- "more emotion- more out of control"
It said CRY
definitely a challenge

( remember that part about not crying for years? As in really not being able to cry?)

So I think I got it- at the last reading, good enough. No criticism at least from director,
but then the thing I found hard was to GET OUT OF the space/mood/ crying moment

and shift to a COMPLETELY different persona just a few minutes later

Clearing and reset for the NEXT SCENE
the next character

Cause in this piece I get to play a few different characters.

I swear I was still welling up and the crying was going to come MORE AFTER I was done with the reading...and where it is needed...

So working on evoking emotion and drama and reading and re-reading to try to memorize the lines to extent can. (Honestly not really that bad at that.I think I just had issue of panic or nerves or something when younger so forgot lines , Was REALLY Bad at it when younger. But think not quite as hard as I remember- also this is not the VOLUME of lines I had. I had leads and could never remember all the lines correctly. I think in this piece since we can read it is perfect for me as no issue if we improvise, the director LIKES it when funny. Its a comedy...)

Read about comedic timing.

So the dumb thing, the ADHD moment of today was posting about the show

And in my post I had what I thought the location was
BUT got a IM from the office manager of the Arts venue ( Where I saw this group perform in past !)

And she asked " Are you sure it is here?"

Turns out it is not there!


Bella trix need a walk so to be brief.
I created drama today
but not the intended kind.

I think I gave that office manager a heart palpitation
and interrupted her day unintentionally,


as she looked and NO the show is NOT at that arts venue.

Likely in the boonies at the art studio of the theater company owner.

OOPS I corrected my posting. Will update location once confirm.

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