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2023-01-25 - 2:44 p.m.

OMG I am so happy to see the arts org new marketing folks actually DID Take pics last night at rehearsal and posted them on IG!


They get it!!

So relieved. There is also a recent super cute pic.

I mean it is adorable.

The post was a story- content showing process. YAS!!

If they keep doing that REAL TIME
they will keep the locals engaged.

So despite the silence and I think SHOCK when I asked the questions at the rude response of the leader who shut down the conversation,

SOMEONE on the marketing team went ahead and figured out how to use IG story real time.

This will make a huge difference.
And I felt so VALIDATED in my decision to skip going.

They don't NEED ME.

The marketing IS GETTING OUT


This is important to me for the sake of the artists who are really working their butt of.

They are many that are young and they deserve an audience! They deserve the validation.

I feel like some older folks (like me) couldn't care less if there is anyone seeing the art we create.

Its a very different thing. When you create because you feel some NEED for external validation
or create as part of growth

or create as self expression for SELF.


Some create to make money. All for that.

I mean hell I would if I was GOOD ENOUGH.

I create cause of some compulsion. When a song or story or poem COMES. Sometimes I capture it. ( poem or song) and sometimes I just am not disciplined enough to even let it birth.

OK off to a writing workshop. It is one I took before and found really helpfuf the first time around. FREE from HAY HOUSE.

Figured since not working have at it again. But the thing is I am much more focused on running the lines and knowing I will rock that role (s) than focused on writing this week so I was very distracted when logged in yesterday. Just not feeling it. I just want to keep obsessing listening to accents and practicing them til feel like have it down THEN WANT FEEDBACK. I wish there was a rehearsal before SAT to be honest. But will work it and wait til then...

And did not head to the local company today as also realized I had this thing at 3pm- the writing workshop.

I did not do the homework. OOPS Got distracted and forgot about it. It never made it to my to do.
Will do the 5 min fast version now.

Its easy...

"Why do you write"

...etc... questions....

the crux for me is I am here in the workshop for DISCIPLINE as not great at the self imposition of it in the process of EDITING.

I have source material. I need to EDIT and pull some together in cohesive palatable bits of stories.
That is where I need the help and discipline.
Happy the director of this group seems interested so think the place to start is master the current role, then focus on editing to have a couple SHORT pieces and see if she wants to workshop them.
That would be fun and progress for me.

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