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2023-03-22 - 6:19 a.m.

Occasionally a targeted ad is helpful.

This one popped up and it was not a bad idea for me to quickly pick up a credit card with no late fees, and zero interest to be able to transfer a balance from the ONE credit card I have left and avoid interest.

Approved for 4800 in credit.

That is 4800 less that I OWE that will incur increasing interest charges as I pay it off over the next 21 months.

I will actually CUT UP The card once it arrives, and just transfer that amt from the existing credit card I have that I have been avoiding using and trying to pay down.

I have an AMEX card I paid off in full. After a late payment the interest rate jumped up! It was low initially... oh well.

At least my credit score is not that bad. 703. Could be worse.

So I did not mind the algorithm that gave me the Motley Fool link with the recommended decent card.

I am up early as was deciding what to do about the pricy estimate for my bike repair. It think it was rather high but what the heck, going to suck it up and have the shop fix my bike.

I LIKE My bike.

I had sent the email to go ahead and THEN found a couple other bike shops in the city west of me which I will go to in the future. I am sure they are a better price point.

I drove East rather than west which was my mistake!

I should know better. I live really close to the WVA border actually and should know that heading East from where I live here in NOVA the costs are always higher!

I was sleeping then awoke worrying about the bikes. I dropped off two of them. I am annoyed the guy was supposed to give an ESTIMATE for repair of both but just fixed one. That really annoyed me. I should go in and give him hell about it. Instead I just rambled and vented on Twitter till got out the anger and irritation and decided to suck it up and pay the guy and pick up the fixed bike. It IS nice to have bikes that work here for all my kids so we can all have the option of going for a ride together. Not that it is likely they would say YES but we USED To do that as a family and it is POSSIBLE only if I have the bikes in good working condition and serviced.

Since I LIKE That and I want the possibility I will invest in getting them serviced. Then I can always ride with friends if anyone is in interested too. I mean why have the bikes here if I am not going to take care of them? The choice was to toss one of them or get it fixed.

So I am opting to get them fixed.

I do have the work project to do today. Delivered one task done last night, and worked for three hours to get another just about done. Today will just do one final read through and deliver that.
Two out of three done.

The largest project was started and today I HAVE to finish it and deliver it as well, and get my laundry done ( at the laundromat) AND there is a VET appointment at 9:30 AM

AND I WOULD like to clean my room before I pack.
AND I would like to shower and color my hair- to get rid of the grey roots and look my best before travel to see my guy and my son and friends in my favorite city.

That's alot. So maybe it was overzealous when I TRIED To throw out ONE bike ( one belonging to the college student who really does not like that bike cause it was hard to ride. It had had issues... it has been serviced. I know the issues.. I think if I tell a good mechanic what the problem is that they can be fixed. I think the last one helped but it is not as good as could be.) I really was going to toss it but the darn bike has a NICE SEAT and GOOD TIRES and I mean even thought it does not ride GREAT it still rides better than it used to (since it was last serviced) and I think with a bit of TLC will be OK again.

I just found myself having trouble TOSSING IT OUT. I figured what the hell, if it can be fixed go ahead and do that- I mean it really just needs new inner tubes on this one.

So found myself putting it in the back of the car. My teens/young adults here on occasion have grabbed a bike and gone somewhere. ( I was irritated the one grabs mine most often when there are others here! Maybe that kid will want the one that was already fixed and ready for pick up rather than mine this year! I had an extra that my son brought her that had belonged to his girlfriend in NYC. It has been fixed, even though the guy was supposed to call with an estimate. I was highly irritated by that but will just pay the bill and get the bike. Oh but I said that already....

But I will not go back to that shop. I found two others. So yeah, I think I will head WEST and also go to a new laundromat which ALSO likely will be cheaper than the one I have been going to.

So to nap a bit. ( I think I have been up ruminating about the bike bills for far too long.. likely since 4:30 AM? Two hours?)

I am going to nap, then get up for the VET appointment. Wil bring a check to pay both the bill from Bella being bitten ( I could ask my neighbor to pay that. I have not. I just don't care that much truth be told about pushing her for accountability. I mean she is a single mom who also does her best and I just don't really care about money that much. I am far more irritated at the bike shop guy who should have known better than to do work without the estimate first than her. I mean things happen... and I get it that she loves her dog and tries to keep her inside and not around dogs that she gets triggered and aggressive with. I somehow feel like it OK that her dog bit- I mean she is a dog and that is what they do, and somehow I fundamentally feel like it is OK my dog GOT bit... I mean she is a dog and it is part of a dog's life that sometimes you might get bit and then you bounce back,... I mean I really don't have much of an emotional reaction other than... Things happen... just move on....

so yeah... I have to pay that VET bill ( cause could not find my bank card to pay it at the time brought her in. It is in fact still MIA. I had somehow had an OLD bank card in my wallet and it was being denied and only yesterday called to find out that it was an OLD One. I think I came across it and did not realize it was one I LOST and had replaced! The current one is now lost somewhere in my things. I am sure it is in my things here somewhere!)
In any case I am not reporting it lost and replacing but will give it time for me to have cleaned my room and thoroughly looked for it first!

I don't need it. I have the card for the other bank account that has money in it if needed when travel. BUT The account I am missing the card for has the larger amount so I will just write a check for the VET bill after the check up, then I will head to Winchester to both drop off the bike and get laundry done.

Then when back will wrap up my work project.

and then move onto cleaning the house, packing and coloring my hair. I likely will not be able to slip out to the gathering of a gal (from church) celebrating her birthday tonight. at dinner time Will see.

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