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2023-05-05 - 7:59 a.m.

OK this time the KIA Website is a LOT MORE ORGANIZED as they have lots of tix to handle
so I was able to get the germane information into the tix at HEADQUARTERS

and I included a Picture of the service tix from private mechanic
showing the actual code he pulled.

OF COURSE I had that DOCUMENTED AT mileage 155,191

HA HA Life is a trip at times. There WAS an engine warranty. Everyone SAW that code as of 136, 000 * which was truly just AFTER the ACTUAL STANDARD CAR WARRANTY
I just know the dealer KNEW the particular engine issue was under an extended warranty up to 155K and they were being avoidant of doing that repair. BULLSHIT that they happily fixed them all They were innundated so tried to get away with NOT fixing those that they could get away with not fixing.

I asked for them to give a quote on its repair as honestly I could have them fix it if they will. If they won't I will actually drive it ( YES at 15 MPH) back to my mechanic and stubbornly ask him to PLEASE do an engine swap if I buy one myself and have it shipped to him.
CAUSE I DO NOT WANT A CAR PAYMENT and there are some engines out there NOW that they know how to have fixed. This is a known issue- so the bugs have been worked out by decent mechanics who are expert at engines by now. I feel like the know problem is better to fix than buy a used car in my budget with its host of car issues that have someone else unloading it- that would need repair.

ANY USED CAR will require a few to six thousand dollars in repairs is my guess. BUT That is still more cost effective than buying NEW for me. I mean the next best thing is a car load for a $12 to 15,000 used car in this area.

I am avoiding that. I might be paying more in interest in a credit card debt short term on an engine- but honestly a car loan would be worse. It would take 5 yrs to pay off. I WILL GET A TAX RETUN And again pay of debt and keep living without AC for a few more years.
EVENTUALLY my income will increase enough to then fix the AC with a new heat pump.


I did not connect with the business lead. Playing phone tag. Will call again. I know the time of their AM Stand up call so will catch them after that. ( Could call now? Before that? BUT NAH they have life, family...)

DId have quick chat with the one EXEC.
He was on way into meeting and said can chat tomorrow .( I had said Call whenever) I should have likely called HIM SO will do it today. I actually had work that came in so did that and was trying to manage this car thing etc.... and other things. Where the hell did we go? OH yeah, kid had medical appt I CANCELLED * THe Hearing Dr. sold her practice and it no longer takes her insurance.

SO Now onto the next thing:
I went to the library to print the script and then go get lab work done ( Preop ordered)
BUT I could NOT find the script! I thought it was emailed to me.

I did find the NOTES From the dr.
I hope capturing those and emailing that written instruction to pull the bloodwork IS THE PRESCRIPTION for all intents and purposed.
Maybe the Dr sent them to the lab? She asked where I was going. I told her which lab. Maybe she sent direct and not to me. Off to get it done and find out. Hopefully dont have to call that office as that would tie us up getting on with family plans today! One kid and I are actually going on an excursion. Will write about that AFTERWARDS.

I am not that paranoid but don't like to give details until AFTER the fact JUST IN CASE....

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