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2023-05-08 - 3:21 p.m.

My graduating kid said did the calculation for all four years of their degree ( said it took quite a while to calculate)
But they did it-

THIS Is freaking awesome.
67.9 % Scholarships ( Grant money- that which does not have to be paid back)
14% Help from Parents
Remainder student loans my kid paid for self.

This was pretty awesome.

At the English Dept awards this kid was awarded three awards; two scholarships with cash-
one for student teachers ( thanking for time spent as student teacher)

2nd Academic Merit based

3rd for ESL Teaching certification student ( Kid said there was apparently not alot of competition for that one! BUT NONETHELESS still awesome!)

So proud of my 4th born's success and happiness finding what he loves and rocking it.
The young adult grad home with me for one week. Medical appointment and chilling-
then back to finish one last summer project before off to Asia as an ESL teacher. Young Adult scheduled the appointment for a TB test, as needs it for their summer travel to Asia. I am glad it was mentioned- as the actual test has to be done and the appointment is Friday. It would have to be read two days later- and the kid going back on Saturday so... that won't work. This kid is thankfull for my help so I called ( for him) and left a message to see if any way can come in WED for the TB Test and then have it read on Friday when the kid scheduled the Dr. appointment. Hope that works out. I had to get the TB test done today, to be read Wed for my new job. I tried to convince the kid to go into my work place and see if could get hired to work part time when here- cause honestly that nursing staff who gave me the TB test would then DO IT TODAY ; if the business office manager OR the kitchen manager ( both need help!) chose to interview and then hire! I know they need more help. I can't run around more today however- as sitting tight til I have the Preop interview with the nurse at hospital where I go in on Thu for my procedure. So home after getting other things done- laundry; TB test; shopping at Target: Groceries and other essentials for household. Flowers for the grad. I stopped in the Workforce Development Center (as it happens to be next to the laundromat). I met the sweetest lady there looking for work. She holds a Secret Clearance and just came off a project- I got her info and gave her mine. She is a techie ; secruity skills; data analytics and was so kind and sweet and QUIET and SHY by nature. I just think some introverts can be the best employees but there is this awful bias of preference for those with extrovert personalities. She also has the math skills but her writing is not as strong. ( I mean her resume needed some editing. The lady working there did help her with that).But does that matter if you have someone skilled with the MIS and tech knowledge? I mean she holds a masters degree. I could not help but think this nice lady, who is a POC DOES have it much harder to find a job with the SAME SKILL SET as the white guys around here. I mean I have SEEN That reality. This professional with a masters degree should not be someone who has never known about financial literacy either. She shared with me her goal of learning about investing; of wanting her next job to be good as the short term temp ones she has landed ( but they were only a few months) AND Then wants to buy a house to stop renting so she can have some long term financial stability. It just struck me so much as how the cycle of poverty is so hard to overcome without financial education. I am now motivated to look at fed mine and SAM and see if there is any call for work out there that needs someone with her skills set. I mean someone with a security clearance is an asset. I will be honest, she seemed to not be one of those super smart people. BUT she was SMART ENOUGH I mean she did her job. She was proud of it. She also spoke of how she did not understand how on the project they were keeping on the guy who literally FALLS ASLEEP on the job for good chunks of time who has to be woken up. She said "I am always on time; I work hard and get my work done." She sounds like she stays in her lane and just does her work as assigned. I feel like I understand the issue for employees like her- If you just do what is asked you don't have great added value. The problem is when ROI and productivity is all measured currently WITH Data analytics- everything is data; everything measurable and frankly that is most things- THE GOOD AVERAGE People who just do good work but are not clever; and don't take inititive are not valued- in a labor market that is tight. And those are the same folks who are AFRAID to take initiative to address tough issue as they have the greatest fear of being fired. It is acceptable for the good old boys to question a paradigm; but if a woman or POC does so it is insubordination. If a good old boy does it, it is "visionary" and they become creative leaders, change makers. Trust me- when someone without power does the same things- they are fired. It is so obvious that social power has everything to do with what kind of initiative is rewarded, and by whom. YET I think they can be very valuable for the right project. Where you need STABILITY Of someone to LEARN A job that you know will stay in it for long term. I mean these older workers who want one job and are not ambitions and not brilliant and OK with doing the same thing- are a foundation of consistency and there is a different kind of productivity in that which IS valuable. I feel like it is a mistake to not recognize their value. I mean think about how much it cost to get someone cleared. You invest in someone but then they will leave if they are the kind of person wanting to climb the ladder. Those who are dedicated and loyal and CONTENT are better long term employees! Someone invested in her clearance so that is itself such an asset. She was so sweet- Said when I asked if I could find her on Linked In- "NO; I don't use ANY social media" I loved her work ethic; her gentle nature; her ACCEPTANCE but not bitterness at thinking that happened to her in life; and her kindness She was not brilliant. No But she was SMART ENOUGH and moreso than that- was a HARD WORKER. This black gal worked at Target for 15 years. Anyone who can work retail in service of others that long has a decent work ethic and has to have learned some people skills! Then she got her masters. Then she worked a couple projects but has landed only temp and they have not kept her on; I see why. She is not remarkable. She is not brilliant. She is not an overachiever- but that doesn't mean the decision was the wisest! I just think the gentle, introverts get the short end of the stick in many workplaces and it upsets me. Isn't there a place for the hard worker; successful ACHIEVER ( who is not an overachiever?) I want her to succeed in her quest for social mobility. I want her being a hard worker to be ENOUGH. I want to see this lady be able to move from tenant to owning her own home. So that happened today; and right after talking with her I got a call from the President of a company where I hope to do some good work. They have grown and have volume that is overwhelming for their current team. I am so happy to help. I quoted a rate higher than my last part time role ( what I asked them for actually) BUT LOWER that my existing clients. I guess cause I supported them before and I want there to be sustainability of long term work and don't want them to be worrying about their overhead costs too much. If my rate is higher I think I end up being used less- sent less work to control costs. I tried to price at the sweet spot; just a bit lower; so that they don't worry and think of me as a bargain and then give me LOTS OF HOURS of work. I mean the last part time gig was said "about 20 hrs a week" but I averaged 33. That is what I would like again- that steady work. I could have negotiated for employee with benefits. BUT I want to keep doing my thing. I mean I really WANT to find work for folks like this lady I met today. It was funny as I was in my torn jeans; with a long sleeved T SHIRT looking sloppy! LOL and this lady was dressed so classy; professionally; so chic looking and her hair and nails done. She had used the SAME federal job coach I used for some help in the past but said she could not afford her for the resume coaching now. I told her I hired her and it was the best investment! So I did not have time to drive out ( in the opposite direction!) To the bike shop and get back home for the nurse intake interview. I am kicking myself I gave the home line rather than cell phone for that call. I like taking calls from home. I am most often home- BUT now I HAVE to be home at 4:45 for that call. I called to extend the car rental for one more day. BUT I expected to be able to get to the bike shop and then back home before 4:45. I realized there was no way . I would not be back in time- so I ended up scapping that plan and just chilling writing as I wait a bit And SCRUB FED mine and SAM to see if I see anything interesting. Honestly that would be so gratifying. To find good work for someone.

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