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2023-05-22 - 7:14 p.m.

Just when I have literally stopped looking for full time contract manager jobs; after months of busting butt
is when the company I used to do work for ( although not hired by them but contracted out as consultant to support) contacted me to inquire if I would do some part time support.

SO thrilled for this.

BUT Then when asked to pick up the evening role- said YES
My philosophy is when asked to help out and can to do it.

It was the nursing director who recruited me primarily as their part time gal is a former co worker from the other place I work who had been there for absolutely YEARS and loved it; but she wore out her welcome--

cause some don't like professionals who are too chatty with the clients truth be told.
I think when she saw things to be improved she aired the dirty laundry too visibly.

Not my style for sure
No matter how frustrated I get with wanting to change and improve...

I tend to try to clean up a mess behind the scenes when can but she got to a point of being frustrated at certain deficiencies ( and every place will have some) and lost it a few times too many....

BUT she is this super fun, vivacious lady who is really a blast. Everyone at work LOVED HER
She also brought in chocolate, and made fudge and cookies and brought cans of soda (or pop if you prefer you.. .what is it Philly folks? )...
and is the sweetest person as she STILL will come by to say hello at the old workplace and bring treats for the CNAs working their butts off there.

I love coming in just to see evidence of one of her visits!

So the new job is so that I could offer her relief to have some time off she needed.

I was the gap fill-

and the other part timer asked if I intend to stick around or if it was just for those few weeks. This lady I was helping out is older and I think at this point happy to work less.
So I said "Sure I will stick around"
I am trying to figure out how to make it productive creative writing time if possible honestly. I can read there. But I realized when rushed off to work this weekend that I wanted to travel light when bike commuting. My backpack is not comfortable. I can carry a laptop in it but realized doing so with the uncomfortable bag for that long of a ride actually bothered me too much to make it worth carrying the laptop on weekends when I don't NEED to log in to check my client emails.

Just for kicks I just looked at jobs in my own neighborhood.

There is a full time medical receptionist. They want prior receptionist experience.
I was literally saying to my kid-
talking to the 18 yr old about it, "Maybe I should apply so we have health insurance and a bit more money. Its close to home, I could walk to it. Heck if it is 8-4 I could even , if leave promptly, catch the bus to head to the other job and keep that as well for a while at least."
Honestly the office is close enough to the bus stop right THERE. It would be easy to do that if it is an 8-4 role.

But then I decided "However I still feel like I need to keep that morning time free to support my clients and I do think with this new client I will get more work. I have to remain available for that and hold out in patience"

and as I said that
the phone rang and it was a recruiter.

Calling for a full time contract manager job-
and this is what made it interesting; supporting a California company I know well. All remote of course. Who is not a competitor to either of the existing clients or one about to sign with-
for a 6 mo gig. Only 6 mos.
BUT says possibly to extend...
and I was thinking of the salary for that role. Then we agreed on a rate per hr-
and I said OK go ahead and submit me.
I mean that rate is more than twice the full time receptonist offers and its W2 and the staffing agency does offer benefits. They do have health insurance.

I do the quirky thing of trusting Indian rectuiters ( there are so many from India working in tech recruitment! I am used to the accent and names etc by now.); insofar as will engage in cold calls with them and have them send me emails and am very open to them pitching me for a role BUT
I won't click a link in any email they send! HA
So I do the quirky thing of saying yes to submittal for role yet also refuse to open links and fill any supplemental forms sent by link. HA

I will draft my right to represent instead! The good firms get it. They understand phishing etc.... hacking...

It just felt like the universe was answering my own question I had just answered when said "Should I consider full time receptionist in town?"

when that call came in.
It was like- NO don't work full time for LESS than a certain amount of money; and only in spaces that won't impeded getting the work for my clients first and foremost! So don't think about the full time medical office receptionist just now. At least that was what it FELT like when the phone rang just then.

A West coast W2 role is great as it is earlier there than here. That means I can start LATER in the day; meaning I can start EARLY in the day on work for East Coast clients, then afternoon for west coast into evening as needed.

I should have no trouble balancing if landed that kind of job! It would be easier than something like a full time medical receptionist in a busy practice. It is a busy office and I could tell from reading about it and reading reviews of working for that practice there would be ZERO downtime to even read my professional company emails while on site at that job.

So no that won't work for me well!
When talking to the recruiter I had a number in my head when he asked the salary I wanted. I did not say it but had him email the range. He said he was happy to share the range with me.

The high end was exactly the number I had in my head-
so said "Sure that works for me, if you can get me X."
So why not
Applying for jobs when a recruiter found me and reached out is so much like throwing a dart blindly at a dartboard. Chance of even hitting the board seems low to me! HA
But why the heck not still play.

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