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2023-05-23 - 1:30 p.m.

I resigned that I am absolutely procrastinating taking a walk to the library because I am tired and my legs are in sore recovery mode. Sure the walk would do them good.

Writing I was going for a walk was the step in trying to convince myself! HA HA

It did not work.

My body wants a nap.

I also saw someone I admire speaking at 2pm so registered for it.

That is my excuse to not walk, right?
OK this is just justification-
I might get up and get over the reticence as honestly the most important task on hand, on my to do is to get the damn paperwork over to Kia HQ.

I am just not confident as after reading it all; there is NO CLEAR documentation of CAUSE of "Engine issue"
and "Engine rattle"
and "Engine misfire"

which are all that are documented prior to 155K

I forget if the engine extended warranty was 150 or 155 K?
But whichever... it was just AFTER that there was clear documentation of actual CODE that is present indicating the specific problem that is covered by the warranty When the software upgrade was not sufficient.

It is so frustarting. The particular defect CAUSES and is know to cause the CAT to wear

I had to replace the CAT Converter... but....
that alone may not be strong enough evidence.

So I am not hopeful.

I understand causality legally.

Have to have PROOF there was nothing else burning out that cat.

It could be obvious to me and my mechanic and any passenger ever in my car, but if no proof in the documentation of the reality of that problem prior to end of warranty period hard to get that approve for engine replacement.

It may be riding on the BELIEF of the lady I am sending this to in hearing my story. It may be contingent on how she reads the docs. Will she have discretion to flag all the brining it in for engine issues as enough
or does she have guidelines that the code has to be CLEARLY Present and documented.

I think she, like the current service guy fully believed me the codes were there and someoene intentioanly was pretending they were not. SURE they know this happens. They might have been coached to do that to and are like NAH

I mean our local lady at our local branch of Wells Fargo drank the cool aid and once was setting up new checking accounts when we did not want them. I said NO
I heard it happened to my Ex husband as well as he bitched apparently to the kids they tried to do same to him

Wells Fargo got sued for improperly closing and opening new accounts. Its the same bullshit that happens trying to sell mortgages
I mean it makes it LOOK like new business.
Cooks the books essentially
if just moving assets around and make it look like new business.


So companies are doing unethical things at times from top down- from some decisioner with power. Those in jobs who don't want to be unethical sometimes don't play along... sometimes.

Sadly most do play along out of fear of their own livlihoods.

Maybe I have a brave one. Maybe I have a courageous contact on the other end of my KIA inquiry and request for consideration of the warranty service despite fact of existing mileage over warranty.

All that to motivate myself. As I do want to stay her to catch the lady I admire speaking on value of neurodiversity in the workplace.

I am looking forward to that.

There are dishes I could do...
I can make food and clean up a bit, that is getting body moving. Eat and then take the walk after her talk.

YEAH Procrastinating... cause still sore.
The 40 miles of riding Sat and Sun combined do make my legs sore and body tired days later.

I know this is normal.
Felt needed rest.

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