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2023-05-23 - 9:07 a.m.

OH I was mistaken , THANK GOD,
there must be two different parks both same name? Similar name? one state one fed

The "BAYSIDE" Area at one is backcountry
need to canoe or back country hike in

NEED to get a backcountry permit.

I mean I am reading the site that says that.

I am looking at the reservation itself which does allow to change site or day rather easily thankfully if needed-

BUT it is accessible by car! In fact the site has RV hook up

so I went to the wrong park site and was reading about the Bayside camping area on the wrong park.

OK I am relieved.
This reminds me of when I mapped to a some park and blindly followed and did not realize the map was to ANOTHER tiny regional park in the middle of Amish country , in the middle of nowhere that had the same name as the large state park that we had a campsite booked at which was in MD.

We get there to find a small space with a few picnic benches. To realise we were hours away from where intended to go.

YEAH should have noticed before got there.

ADHD brains don't work the way others do. I swear ...

It is frustrating to do such dumb things at times.

OH no wonder the kids hate camping. The young ones. They were in that car. They may or may not recall us then arriving at the intended destination and pitching tents in the dark in the rain. Some sleeping in the car and others in a tent in the middle of a storm.

YEAH They may not remember it.

But were likely a bit traumatized
to at least not want to go camping.

It is not their idea of vacation.

BUT.... heck it is what I can offer. They DID have a really nice day at the beach end of last summer. I remember now we went the final week beaches were still open! LATE summer , early Fall on a warm day- and it was marveolous.

YES They had fun!

So that reminded us all that they also had fun when we beach camped.

Which is why want to try this again-

cause for that one day they were relaxed and happy by the water. I think it is healing and so GOOD for the body!

So want to bring them to the shore again.

WHEW my planning was decent I just forgot about it. Reading the details it is just fine!!

It was the confusion of there being both a State Park and a Federal Park of the Same Darn name.

Why do they do that?

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